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cover to fuse box wont open

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uhhh this may sound dumb i know, but.. how do i take off the cover to the fuse box?!?!? i sat there and turned the screw left and right yet it wouldnt give! the cover is cracked also so i didnt want to pull hard otherwise it would have broke it.
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there are no screws that you take out to remove the cover. There's a clip in the front of the cover that you have to push in and then lift up on the cover. Keep at it, it will come off
I don't see what year your car is...but there are definitely no screws of any type that hold either of my fuse/relay box covers on.
hahaha.. alright thanks guys i just now got it off. i was checkn for my fog lights.. fuse is fine. damn i guess i do have to buy new h3s... by the way, its a 90
Good to see you figured it out
i think he was talking the interior fuse box.

the screw just needs to be horizontal. and then pull it doesn't matter how many times you twist it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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