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hi guys. i got weird problem with my car. i was driving one day and i noticed my temp needle was sitting higher then usual. car was driving fine nothing seemed wrong. then the needle jumped all the way up stayed for a sec then dropped down to above half way mark and then would go up and down like that everytime i drive now. after my car warms up and i take it out on a drive, the needle would shoot up sometimes, then i can be driving for half an hour and nothing happens. i put new coolant and new thermostat in and the problem is still there. then my friend drove my car to acura today to get it looked at and the battery died. what the heck? battery was five years old so i guess it should have been dead by now. well i bought a new battery and now i dont know if my alternator is bad or not. my cars temp still flucuates like crazy and the techs at acura said it is electrical but they couldnt find out what was wrong. there is no check engine light and no coolant lost or oil. what can be wrong guys? car runs fine i think. i dont feel it lagging or feelin hot or anything. the weird thing is that when im driving, and i turn on accessories such as headlights, the temp needle goes up sometimes. same thing happens when i turn the heater on. on other cars doing this would cause the needle to go down but on my car its the exact opposite. should i continue to drive? can you guys please help me. could it be the alternator? thermostat harness plug? im stumped and worried
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