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So i have had a 91 integra ls for a few years now and its definately getting up there on mileage bout 227k i believe but neways to get to the subject matter...

my car seems to overheat and it spills out antifreeze from the resevoir. Normally when the car turns off the radiator fans will remain on and run for quite a while, but recently the fans have not been working and i'm thinking that this might be the reason why it overheats. The problem is i've replaced the fan relays, thermostat, and the radiator was replaced when i first got the car... if you guys have any solutions to my problem i would appreciate any information... (on another note the ac/heater blower aren't working either) I'm not sure if the radiator fans are just not working or what the deal is but yeah neways let me know if anyone has come across this problem as well.


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