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combat bodykit blinkers

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on the combat body kit where would u put turning signals at and how owuld u do it? Pic Here
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I wouldnt put it at will totally ruin the kit....leave it the way it is.....just my 2 cents

if it were me i'd just put sidemarkers on the fenders.
Your best bet would be to use either supra-style front blinkers (see image below) or some OEM sidemarkers and mount them to the front. Here is an example.

I suppose you could drill them from the side or use a type of L-bracket to secure them? Depends on the kit really and what it looks like, such as the angle of the mount.
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use the supra ones and your blinkers will fit right in... or go to your local motorcycle shop and get bike blinkers (dual filament) drill the hole and wire them up as close to the front as possible but on your sides
ty for all the answers :) im guessing imma have to find some supra style ones like in that pic? any estamate on prices or know where i could get some?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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