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So after doing the ckf bypass trick in order to ignore that sensor from throwing code 54 (it was prior) I am now getting code 1.

I followed the directions here : .:FFS TechNet:. » ECU & WIRING How-To Articles » CKF Bypass Trick for the obd2b ecu

I *accidentally* didn't splice the wires before cutting c22, which is supposed to be done after splicing it with c29. The car no longer throws code 54 but is randomly giving me code 1, which I think is a b.s code. Even after resetting the ecu it persists, after unplugging the battery for a half hour it persists. The car has not been driven in months and I'm almost certain there is nothing wrong with the o2 sensor or wiring.

Furthermore, when attempting to use my chipped p28 with neptune/demon combo, it fired up and ran (roughly, was on prior owner's turbo map I believe) and threw no codes at all...this was before my ckf bypass. After attempting to load a basemap on neptune to get my car smogged with the p28, it began throwing a solid cel and the car doesn't/has an extremely rough time starting on my chipped ecu, thus I resorted to switching to the ckf bypass on my obd2.

Currently I'm on the neptune forums trying to sort out why the hell my chipped ecu won't work now, but in the meantime I'm really desperate to get the thing smogged and I can't if any CEL codes are throwing, any suggestions?
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