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Page 13 - July 14, 2013
Koni yellow front shocks installed, JDM RSX-R rear caliper upgrade, fart can...

Page 13 - September 27, 2011
Brunch of updates, aerocatch, cxracing radiator, rc550

Page 12 - April 22, 2010
Recovered my corrupted Dragon Run 2009 video!!!! I thought i lost it forever, but i was digging through some backup files, and luckily i saved the project space! So i encoded it and uploaded it.
Been quite busy with work, so didn't have much time to work on the car. But i got a few upgrades...! S300 and PasswordJDM 3pt strut bar. Will eventually post some pictures.

Page 12 - December 17, 2009
Got a friend came over from Asia for 3 weeks! All that for 95$ CAD!

Page 12 - October 08, 2009
Went back to my parents' home to grab the allen keys to dissect my JDM steering wheel.
Still lack quite a lot of tools to work on my car... don't even have a real jack...
In this update, you can read my comparison of the 94-97 JDM vs 98+ JDM steering wheel.

Page 11 - October 04, 2009
Damage check (is it twisted?), and new SRS steering wheel

Page 10 - September 27, 2009
So busy these couple months... moved to a new house with gf etc.
No time to upload the pictures from Dragon, and a lot of internet downtime as well. Here is a pic from the Dragon Run 09.

Page 10 - July 23, 2009
Got my new wheels. Pics up with current progress.
Trying to finish up some body work for the Dragon...
But time is running tight! D:
Page 10 - May 11, 2009
Got screwed, discount tire direct shipped wrong wheels.
Venting my anguish in my own running log. :p
Page 09 - Apr 26, 2009
Finally after one year lol... found an opportunity to upgrade my rims.
Getting ready for Dragon Run. :)
Oh, and the ghetto sound deadening works.
Page 08 - Apr 12, 2008
Brackets arrived, test fitted the calipers! w00t!
Page 08 - Feb 28, 2008
- Very most likely my next upgrade... SS line + calipers
Ah spring is coming, time to work on my car again. I will try to make a detailed install article when the time come
Page 06 - Aug 26, 2007
- Installed recaro seats
- Fixed and preped fenders
- Fixed bumper and somewhat preped
- Lowered my windshield washer bottle (lol)
- Tucked my windshield washer hoses (rofl)
- Done wiring most of the headlight
- Ottawa micro meet
Page 05 - Aug 3, 2007
- After 6 more hours of wiring... shots of the HID installed and cut off
Page 04 - Jul 14, 2007
- Cell phone snapshots. HID wiring, DIY ballast mounting plate
Page 03 - Jul 9, 2007
- After the long waits... almost done... finally found a welder
Page 03 - Apr 13, 2007
- Double Recaros!
Page 03 - Dec 30 to 31, 2006
- JDM Front end mock up, USDM radiator is finally off, Headlight mock up
Page 03 - Oct 26, 2006
- OH NOSE! WHAT HAPPENED! Noooooooo....... (?)
Page 03 - Sep 21, 2006
- Skunk2 440g Gunmetal Shiftknob
Page 02 - Jul 13, 2006
- Function7 review, Skunk2 camber kti installed, washed, detailed, photoshot
Page 02 - Apr 7, 2006
- Got my Skunk2 camber kit! ($100CAD lol)
Page 02 - Jan 11, 2006
- Function7 LCA and endlinks
Page 01 last post - Dec 01, 2005
- GSR blades, Alpine, etc
Page 01 - Aug 15, 2004 -
- this. :)

Initial post

Sorry, no huge pictures, they are TI 56ker compatible under 550px format. :)

I start off with a 92 gen2 automatic before i have my current 99 black integra. reason why i switched was because the other teg is getting old, and problems is getting kind a one after another... quite fustrating, not to mention i couldn't get the power when i want it with an automatic. I wanted to do a conversion before, but i figured is not worth it.

So i start looking and finally found a very good gen3 for 13k$ CAD (tax included and all the fees and sh*tz), quite good, considered the motor have about 89k km (about 60k miles), perfect body, super clean interior (like NEW!!)

When i first got her... the paint wasn't in quite good shape, because previous owner always parked it outside, so she took quite a beating by sun, rain & snow.

About 1 months after i got her, i've decided to buy some detailing/restoration product and try to save her appearence. Thanks to TI's sponsor, i got myself some Klasse package and gave some touch up on her.

There is such a huge different in power comparing to my previous automatic and my current manual teg. I just love driving an integra even more.

So the money pit begin, i start with some small thing that doesn't cost me too much and can help with keeping the teg running clean. A replica of GReddy oil catch can. I read that it doesn't do jack sh*t to daily drive teg, it only help when people take it to track. NOT TRUE, i've check my can and it does collect oil every oil change, altho only a little.

I then move on to the suspension because it is the "cheapest" section in modifying a car (comparing to modifying engine internals). So i look hard all over forums (local and international) over the internet, and finally found a deal on some JDM ITR strut bars. 140$CAD (about 100$USD) for both front and rear. They are great.

Feel like painting my caliper!

After some more saving up, i've finally order my suspension parts. Tanabe GF210 springs and KYB AGX shocks. I did not find much infomation on the GF210 in TI. But i went ahead and try it out, since my car is for street use only and i want about 1.5" drop. These springs suit me perfectly.

Review: These springs are truly amazing, the spring rate ratio of front and rear is between a regular RS (0.55) and a Type-R (0.56 up to 1), the GF210 is (0.64). You can tell there is a different in handling (less understeer) compare to stock. My teg still understeer, but certainly not as much (is easier to drive with some understeer than oversteer), i am pretty sure it will be quite perfect for street once i install a 19mm sway bar. Springs require no break-in time, just install it and you have your 1.5"f 1.4"r drop. I highly recommand these springs for poeple who only want look and slightly improve handling. Comfort wise, they are almost like stock.

Ground clearence is still good, i am clear about 2cm when my teg comes out from garage. Front mudflap is removed, because it scrapped on highway when you run over some bump or deeper curvy surface.

Comments/Feedback welcome! :)
Thank you TI for proving all the help and guildance in the past years and...

I <3 MY TEG!

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haha too true. my integra has been costing me so much. that's why it feels kinda nice to sell most of my parts.

oh and codnamezero, don't forget to paint your side skirts. even though black is hard to differentiate, the skirts are gray and you can tell in the sun that they're different. you'd be surprise by how something 1.5" thick on the side can add to the looks of your car. good going.

ps i didnt know they made special editions in 99. ???

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yourmom25 on Aug/18/04 said:
don't forget to paint your side skirts. even though black is hard to differentiate, the skirts are gray and you can tell in the sun that they're different. you'd be surprise by how something 1.5" thick on the side can add to the looks of your car. good going.

ps i didnt know they made special editions in 99. ???
yea i know, but i thought they said SE is suppose to have "paint matched" trim, i guess they went cheap on the black model and leave it at that... :( i wanna shave the side molding tho... and painting the skirt might be too much trouble, i may as well make it CF... as i see it done on another thread.

my teg is in Canada, maybe they have SE in 99 too? BTW, Canadian SE is just a regular RS. *damn, canadian's Acura is so cheap!*

Thank you everyone's nice comments and suggestion.

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tunergsr32 on Aug/18/04 said:
Have tried to buff your teg yet? I think it would help quite a bit, I'm not saying it looks bad now but if you want to improve the appearence I would buff it out.
I did, using the Klasse AIO and the sealant... didn't help tho, i still have sh*t loads of swirl mark... plus i got some scratch here and there by some @$$ who put stuff on my car.

I might try that Maquirist (spelling) brand or maybe 3M, i read good thing about these 2 brands. Anyone know where to get the 3M swirl remover? I have no idea where to get it. As for the other mark Maquirisomething, i can grab it at my local store.

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Update Dec 01, 2005
- Fix & Installed ITR lip
- GSR Blades
- JDM ITR Steering Wheel
- Alpine head unit CDA-9847
- Power doorlocks

ITR trunk brace ($30CAD) i got was never installed, don't have time yet lol... probably do it this winter.

codenamezero on Aug/15/04 said:
I also got a broken ITR front lip in my garage for FREE, i think is fixable with fibreglass and bondo, so i guess i will give it a try soon and spray paint it color code match black following the TI article...

The lip is fixed and installed sometime around Sept. 2005, it's been daily rolling for 3 months with no problems. :D

In the past 6 months, i got myself a set of 15" Rota Attack Replicas... sadly i was dissapointed with the rims due to larger center bore, even with aluminum hub rings installed, the rims still feel "lose". So i just put my OEM rims back...

However tires comes with the teg (yes! those yokohoma tires lasted almost 5 years!) are done for, and while searching for some tires i came across a set of GSR Blades! The conditions are OK, some scratch here and there, no curb and is nearly perfect balance. It came with 4 almost new tires! Which is exactly what i needed. The Blades were just one damn good bonus. ;)

Alpine head unit was also in my TODO list, and i picked the CDA-9847!! Nothing fancy, does MP3, but that's pretty much all i need!

Doorlocks were pain in the ass, took me nearly 20 hours to get those sucker wired up and running... but at least it worked!


Here is a little update pic before storing it for winter. :(

Next plan:
Bring it to Acura dealer next spring and have them buff the **** out of the teggy. :p

Still looking for an ITR wing for cheap, don't mind if it has little defect.

Function 7 LCA with ES bushings (OEM bushing dying...)

Get 4 decent speakers and later on a sub as well.

TURBO! t3 supra 60 or t3/t4, goal low boost 200whp

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Update Jan 11, 2005
- Function7 LCA and endlinks

My after x'mas gift finally arrived! They were backordered in canada. Function7 LCA is what i ordered! They were very well packaged and customer service was excellent, they answered all my questions. :) Extremely light weight indeed, i think i will try to bring them to post office (when i have the time...) and weight them on their digital scale just for fun.

I also ordered the adjustible endlinks from them.

Can't wait to put them on in the next month or so... when i have the time!!! :(

Next on my wishlist:
- ASR Subframe reinforcement plate!!
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