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cleaning out garage...for sale

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SOLD full size fluidyne radiator 50 obo

6x9 pioneer premier 3 way speakers brand new still in box bought at best buy for 99 bucks. will sell for 30 bux obo

obd2 alternator 25 obo

99 si side skirts red 10 obo

type r spoiler silver made for 4 dr will fit 2 dr if u redrill new holes in yr hatch. 50 obo

integra rear leather back seats just the back of the seat not the bottom portion 10 obo

never used integra spare tire 10 bucks

PM me if yr interested in anything
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pm'd you on the Radiator and Spoiler....
I wish you had the full leather back seats...
might be interested in the 4dr ITR spoiler if you still have it in a week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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