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Are you sure its a chip and not just some paint swapping? If its just paint from the guy's door that hit you then you can get that off pretty easy. Just get some Meguiar's ScratchX or GS27 and it will come right off. Its kinda the consistancy of toothpaste and is designed to get out scratches and paint spots like that. It works awesome on rust too.

If its really a chip in the paint then try some touch up paint. Plasti-Kote makes the best matching paint I've ever used without having a paint shop mix some up for me or going to a dealership. Pep Boys carries it. If its a small chip then just touch it up. Don't worry about the clear coat and sanding and all that. Its something that takes practice and you don't really want to practice it on your own car. Touching it up should at least make it disappear unless you are looking for it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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