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New to the forums, and thought I'd share my 1996 Cypress Green RS! It's my third car and first Honda, and with 199k miles on the clock it's easily been the most reliable. Picked it up bone stock from an older lady who was tired of the neighborhood kids trying to street race her. It's definitely rough around the edges, but there's not a speck of rust on the body. Since I've picked it up I've done a few mods-

- OEM Si Vtec corner lights
-Dc sports front strut bar
-koni oranges with H and R OE sport springs
-15x6.5 Rota Circuit 10s
-Si Vtec front lip
-all black del sol seats (my favorite mod so far)

I've got a yonaka catback and a high flow cat to put on it, but havent had the chance. Also strangely the passenger side needs a front camber kit even though the drop was hardly an inch.

Overall it's a super fun car and I'm loving it. I don't get to drive it nearly as much as I'd like to being a college student, but it's certainly a blast to take up into the mountains of Virginia.

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