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Hello All...all previous posts are more than 10trs+, so that's why I'm re-posting.

Mods: B20b, skunk2 IM, skunk2 70mm TB, DC air intake, ngk wires.

Replaced/Fixed: [spark] distributor, wires, plugs. [Fuel] kemso pump, fuel filter, injectors, both o2, new cat, map sensor, air temp sensor, coolant sensor.

Remarks: cel 170 & 171, rough idle on cold starts, until the car warms up. Fuel trims are high and when Increase rpms the fuel trims increase, so I know its not a vac leak (smoke test confirms). I'm thinking valve lash. I'm totally stuck and 3months pass totally lost and I may go to the dark side and take her to Acura.
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