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Being the idiot that I am i was about to back up my drive way and for some STUPID reason i wasnt paying attention and i stalled my car, i tried starting it and it just cranked for a second so i tried again and nothing happened the radio didnt go on all the warning lights didnt go on nothing so i triend wiggling the battery and still nothing, then after like 5 mins i went to turn the key and it started fine i drove it up into my garage and let it idle for 5 mins cause i thought the alternator would re charge the battery or somthing like that. so yeah i turn of the car and 15 mins later i go to turn it back on and no radio no lights nothing the car is dead i try the battery and nothing. I was with on of my buddies and he has jump started alot of cars before so we tried mine and even with the boost it didnt start up and still no lights!!!

though with the car off if i try to turn on the lights that are by my rear view mirror and they turn on for about have a second then fade to almost nothing

can somone please help me with this i have to get to work in 8 hours!!!
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