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Can a car be cursed?

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Hello, let me start off by saying I love my car, I love the engine, the looks, and how it drives, but it has also been driving me crazy.
About three months after I got it, a semi truck backed into me at work.
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I was crushed, but I didn't give up. I worked with insurance, found the parts, and a couple of months later I was back up and running.
Excited about my "new" car, I installed all the mods I had been buying while it was in the shop. While out for a drive testing an oil pressure guage, not even 3 weeks after getting it back, I got hit by someone while turning left from the other left turn lane.
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Not too bad, at the end of the day I walked away with $1300 bucks. I immediately bought a new door from someone and then got a job to start saving up for a paintjob, I was tired of the car looking like a piece of ****.
And now, a week before I'm sending it to get painted, my e-brake cable snaps and my car rolls into my neighbors tree. My driveway is very steep, the car had picked up quite a bit of speed.
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I feel blessed it didn't damage anything on his property, and it only brushed by the tree, missing two mailboxes on the way.
But nonetheless guys, I am absolutely lost at what to do. All I've done is sink my money into the car, I love it, but I feel like its cursed. Constantly getting into accidents that aren't my fault that cost me hundreds of dollars to repair.
I love cars, and I always will, but **** like this makes me want to give up and never come back.
If anyone wants a cleanish 190k bone stock gs-r honestly, take it off my hands, I'll just go back to driving my versa.
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I think you will regret it. It seems like many people who get rid of their 90's Honda's end up regretting it. Trade for my car tho? :)
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