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Michael Delaney on June/20/02 said:
you sell yourself short if you go for 11.4:1 with Toda B's or C's or Jun 3's.
So how does that work with the skunk2 stage 2 (which sound alot like toda b's) and a 84mm overbore? should I still go with the 11.5 compression or would I need to go higher?

Nevermind I pluged in the specs that I found for the skunk2's and got this;

Your engine summary is as follows: Bore 3.307 inches, stroke 3.43 inches, rod c-c length 5.429 inches, with a static compression ratio of 11.5 :1. Your camshaft specifications call for an inlet valve closing of 49 degrees ABDC (after bottom dead center).

Your chamber volume is 45.98 cc's. With this camshaft your dynamic, or effective stroke is 3.00 inches. Your dynamic compression ratio is 10.06 :1 corrected for cam timing, altitude, and rod length. Your dynamic cranking pressure, corrected for cam timing, rod length and altitude is 213.28 PSI. Your dynamic boost compression ratio, reflecting static c.r., cam timing, altitude, and 0 PSI is 10.06 :1.

Knowledge is power.

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also o/t, but I found it on the calculator page.

from [url said:[/url] ]

1. Study Sir Harry Ricardo's work, The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine (multiple editions) and you will find it's unlikely you will do anything that's new, and if you don't read it you will probably do everything wrong.

2. Study Charles Fayette Taylor's two volume The Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice (M.I.T. Press) and realize for a second time you don't know what you are doing.

3. Read anything that Smokey Yunick wrote...Then try to figure out what he did that he didn't write about. Smokey died May 2001 from complications related to Lukemia...he left us a three volume set of books covering his life, racing and inventions.

4. When Honda spends $500,000,000.00 on a racing engine try to pay attention to what they do.

Don't ask them, they won't tell you anyway.

5. Most experts aren't.

6. Research is the difference between speculation and investment.

7. Just because someone goes fast doesn't mean you should do whatever you think they did.

This path assumes they knew what they were doing, which isn't necessarily the case. Take this path and you will be guaranteed second place.

8. Test Test Test.

9. A new engine never makes too much power.

10. The salt bears will win everytime
I don't know what the hell a salt bear is, or why they always win, but I hate them anyway
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