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burning rubber question.

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I was curious does anyone know how much tire life is shortened by burning rubber? I realize that Some rubber leaves the tire of course, but how much? does it significantly shorten tire life? would doing a 3 second burnout every once in a while considered alright, ie part of normal wear and tear, or am I cutting 50% off my tire life?
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I've wondered about this for a while also...but from what I've read burnouts do more than just hurt your tires anyways. They put stress on your clutch, brakes, and suspension as well...maybe I'm just being a prude.
Anytime you "burn the tires" you are really causing your tread life to go down alot. Normal wear would be not burnin' rubber and therefore you would see many more miles out of your tires than you would if you did a 3 sec. burnout every so often. Hey, if you can afford tires, go for it. Just watch your engine life and tread wear.

As for the question about, "cutting 50% off my tire life..", probaly so. I went through a set of Kumho in about 12k miles just by raping them. Im guessing those tires should see about 25-40k before they wear down. So, 50% is a good guess.
How is engine reliability comprimised by burning your tires? It dosent matter to the engine if your stationary spinning the tires or if your moving.
Tires are cheep compaired to the clutch and transmission you are risking by burning out. Burning out puts alot of strain on your drive system. If you like to burn out, Id suggest getting some tires with a low static friction, and a hard compound.
darn.. guess I better keep the burnouts down.
well at the track, it's done to make your tires warm for better ever feel tires after they've been burnt out..very hot and sticky.
Street tires generally don't need to be warmed up at the strip. Just a quick burnout to get the dirt off is fine. If you had Azenis, drag radials, or slicks, then I would suggest doing a burn out.

2nd gear burnouts with slicks and drag radials are fun.
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