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Hi all,

Don't mind the name Silvia. It's the name I gave her when I first laid eyes on the whip.
Been here and a member for awhile now. Always wanted to make a running log. I know I have a bodykit and big wheels, but I liked it at some point. Well my car was built internally and ran a JRSC. Made 211 HP.

As some of you might now my motor crapped out on me and my pistons cracked and melted. I was bummed.

But I went back to the shop that built the motor and they are helping me out again on this build. Thanks to Maperformance, LeClue, RocketMotorsports for hooking it up.

On to the new build and re-transformation of my car. Going turbo and taking off the kit and putting the lip kit on with some new wheels.


Got the base tune on the car so I can break it in. Made 240 @ 10PSI.


Bodykit and wing is off the car. Installed the rear, front, side, and valences. Parts are painted.


Engine is broken in and waiting for the tuner to set a date for full power. I'm hoping somewhere in the 400's. Looks like it can be Monday the 27th. Will post up Dyno charts

9/6/2012 Dyno

Here are som videos from today.

Wiseco Pistons
Eagle Rods
ARP everything bolts, studs, etc.
FullBlown Catch can
Crower 404 cams
AEM cam gears
ARP crank pulley bolt w/ Nordlock washers
Rocket Motorsports Valve springs and guides
Vented valve cover with -10 AN lines

Precision 5558 Turbo
Custom Ramhorn and Intercooler piping
TurboSmart Wastegate
TurboSmart Blow-Off valve
Hallman Boost Controller
Treadestone Couplers
Vibrant 3in Exhaust system with resonator
Mishimoto Half-sized Radiator

Stock LS tranny
MFactory LSD w/differential bearings
NRG Traction Bar
Competition Clutch stage 4 with Extreme plate

AEM Fuel Rail
B&R AN fuel line
FIC 1000 injectors
Walbro Fuel pump

AEM Wideband
Autometer Cobalt: Boost, Oil Pressure, Nitrous
Hand Command ECU (Crome)
Defi HUD Display

KSport coilovers
SPC camber kit
23mm ITR swaybar
Beaks Reinforcement Kit
Beaks Lower bar
Blox LCA's with Energy Suspension bushings
Mini Cooper brake upgrade
Hawk Pads
Stoptech Stainless Brake lines

Amsoil Break-in Oil (Gone)
Amsoil Dominator (In)
Water Wetter
T-Stat removed.

Carbon Hood
Carbon Trunk

Stay tuned for future updates. Can't wait for the new look and new engine. I will continue to post. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!


Here's with the Turbo on with the kit. I will miss it, but I need to move on to a cleaner look. :frown:


A bay shot.

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So I've been patiently looking for a rear bumper and optional kit for 2 years, finally found one locally. One of the members on my local forum gave me a deal.

Prepping for paint.

Ordered some new wheels, thanks to JDMachine. XXR 531 16x8 20 offset for the front and 0 offset for the rears. Be here in July.


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Engine should be done by next week, will post initial break in dyno. Wastegate is being put on to the manifold. Will take pics soon. After break in dyno on E85, I will drive it for awhile on low boost till it breaks in, Then bring it back for full power. Hopefully get some good numbers.

but still prepping parts for paint. Sanding and moar sanding.

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Looks good man. So close to my build lol we definitely need a shoot for sure. When my wheels get herrill roll by and you can check em out. Can't wait to see the numbers. Ill be happy with 375. I'm shooting for 400 though. But I've only ever driven in a stock ls.

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nice build dawg
are you going to drive the car with the turbo on or off at first? my tuner wanted me to drive without it so he can tune it n/a to have something to work with. it made sense to me

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nice build dawg
are you going to drive the car with the turbo on or off at first? my tuner wanted me to drive without it so he can tune it n/a to have something to work with. it made sense to me


With the turbo.
We will do a initial break-in on the dyno. He will run the motor and engine brake, accel/decel. Then tune for a base in low boost and let me take it home till I break it in at 500-1000 miles on E85. But he might just go ahead and break it in on the dyno or drive it around everyday himself.

After I break it in I will return for full power tune. :popcorn:

But who knows. I will know more Monday, hopefully it's on the dyno on Tuesday or Wednesday. Will keep you posted.
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