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Bronze 16x7 Black Racing Pro N1s 4 Sale

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Selling a set of 4x100 bronze 16 x 7" Black Racing Pro N1's, very minor curbage on 1 wheel (shown in picture), tires are 205/45/16 parada spec2's, 2 are good and 2 will need replacing soon. Wheels come with centercaps and volk lug nuts, asking $800 picked up OBO
any questions please either pm me or IM me, my screen name is soy poco fiable

picture of curbed wheel:
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ill give you 37 dollars and some dried macaroni
damn i wish i had the money, what is the lowest you are willing to go picked up? How much do those wheels weigh?
the 15"s are 15lbs, i can't find a weight for the 16"s...wheels are at home in nova and i'm in bama, so i can't weigh them for you. make an offer and i'll tell you if it's too low.
fine fine fine

dried macaroni, 40 dollars, AND some vodka gummi bears that we put in the fridge a few days ago

but thats my final offer ...FINAL OFFER
damn dude id do 800 picked up in CA in a heartbeat

those are some clean rims
still for sale?
i ahve those same rims with yokohama parada spec tires
^^^don't post here to talk about your wheels...posts should be if your interested in it or asking questions about the product...not to be a dick i just don't want people hijacking someones fs thread...i wouldn't want it done to me
So I think it's still for sale...
are they still for sale?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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