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Hey everyone, I was cleaning my engine bay a lil bit and i came across this tube, and at the end of it it had a plastic piece, like fiber glass stuck inside and it was broken off..I tried to see if i can find to see what it is in my haynes manual but i didnt come across. So do you guys know what it is and where to i place it ?Thx!
the BROKEN hose :(
I went to go look at it again and the fuel filter already has a hose connected to it....So i hope my pix with txt are lil more detail than the lasted post and more understanding..but thanx for the input GreyMetallicTeg! i also found a diagram showing the fresh air hose..Just needed to know where it goes. (point out details like whats it next to and things i should look for) Im also running ls-V so is this plug even sounds like it is. but is it?
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