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For the past 15 years I've been after owning an Integra and honestly the right one has never crossed my path when car shopping so I've gone with other things... most of them fun - but after having kids, room for car seats became priority. Finally was given my wife's blessing to buy something less... van-like so I picked up this 1999 Integra LS! It's got 243k on it, it has its quirks and problems but my goal over the next year is to restore it back to it's former glory!

It was sitting for 2 years only having been driven once or twice in that time so I have some issues from that I'm dealing with -- the previous owner is in his 70s and he was driving a big Buick in the time when he wasn't hot-rodding around in this :D

The good:
- 1 Previous Owner
- Came with a good bit of paperwork from the last 2 years
- Timing belt was JUST replaced 2k miles ago!
- New clutch installed recently
- Runs and Drives flawlessly (until the sputtering from the misfire)

The bad:
- Few rusty spots
- Electrical gremlins (mostly sorted out already)
- Ugly wheels
- Lots of trim needs replacing
- Interior blower motor is loud, probably needs replacing
- Now a misfire on Cyl 3 (cap and rotor will be installed tomorrow am)
- Paint needs work

So all in all, very solid purchase for $1600. I have about $1800 in parts that have come to put on to replace what's broken / damaged and do a few upgrades to make driving it daily a bit more fun.

I'll post updates here as I can!

Here she is!



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