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blown agx?

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when i push down on my left front fender..the shocks squeeks as i push..does that mean its blown?..also how bad is it if i ride on different settings..i have agx on a integra..the right is sett to 2 and the left dial is broken so i have no idea what its set to..the ride feels balanced though..i dont know how you can really tell the difference..ive gone over numerous bumps these past few days and dont seee a difference in the two..any help
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mine squeaks too, when i push on it and raise it up. i assume its the shocks but dont know for sure, i'm taking it in when weather permitts so see what is it. still rides fine.
yea it seems to ride fine even with the squeek but im just worried because of the dial coming off it mightve caused leaking resulting in a blown do i check for leakage? would the shock be covered in oil? and does anybody know about my other question on if its okay if i ride on diff settings because one of the dials is broken off..seems to ride fine though
the squeek is normal, my shocks do it too. Its the piston making its way through the fluid.
You may wanna go and get you ball joints checked, they'll squeek if they're going.
As long as the squeak is not really bad I wouldnt worry. Mine squeak in the cold over speedbumps.

As for the blown shock, look for oil leaking or sagging. Contact KYB and see if the dial can be replaced. Kind of pointless to have adjustable shocks if you can't adjust them.
i just contacted them via email and they asked for my part number..where can that be found at..? on the strut?
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