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Blinker Troubles

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I was installing my new clear corners and bulbs for them since they have to be yellow now. Well, that was no big deal at all but afterwards, my blinker kept screwing up. It kept going from realllly fast blink to normal. Anyone have any idea why its doing this?
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BLINKER FLUID??? maybe you ran out. LOL jk man. I told some girl that at work and she went down to kragens the next day trying to buy some. She was pissed lol!!
lol, that is hilarious. I was like ????? at first...but good one, heh
check your wiring maybe something got snapped off?
No i checked the wiring. You know how some people change their blinker to make it blink faster than normal and they call it a mod...? Well...i think i just accidently did that and i dont know how. Anyone know what im talking about?
Doesn't it do that if a bulb is out?
All my bulbs are in....they've just been replaced...
it blinks really fast when one of the bulbs is out.. thats all i can help ya with there
Did u use bulbs or LEDs?
I know that LEDs have weaker currentthan bulbs, the car will think that there are a broken bulbs and the blinker will go fast~
maybe u have a faulty flasher....OR since u said it goes from fast to normal sometime...your flasher mite be reading a wrong load....have that checked friend had problems with his this one time...the flasher was all melting and burnt...LOL
This same thing is happening to me! one of my bulbs was out so I took out the entire corner lens harness and replaced the bulb. I put it back in and the light kept switching from on to off, and it blinked extremely fast. I think my wires down there are loose because if I jiggle it the light will stay on. Still though when I put on the blinker it blinks so fast. I had this problem before and I took it in to Acura and they said the electrical system down there was screwed up and they claimed they fixed it. Now it is doing it again. I wish I could just fix the problem myself but I suck! Hope you can find a fix for yours.
check the harness where the wire runs up to the bulb
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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