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Beeping ECU

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SO i go to start my car after work and my ecu does its normal beeps like it always does when you first start up, but then my seatbelt light starts flashing. The ecu just keeps beeping even while my car is on and in drive it was soo freaking annoying driving home for like 20mins and having to blair my stereo just to drown out the beeps. Any ideas?
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first idea... change your title to reflect the question... oh yeah, and use punctuation
yeah change the topic. but were you wearing your seatbelt? and the box that makes the beeps is right by the ecu, i ripped mine out a while ago.
yeah I was wearing my seat belt i took it off and put it back on just to make sure it was working I bet the sensor wetn out or something I dunno what do you think?

P.S. sorry about the topic subject . . .
i am 99% sure that the damn thing when out if that is the problem. that is why i ripped mine out because i put in aftermarket seats and harnesses so i would have had to listen to the beeping all the time.
I wonder how i could change the sensor . . .I doubt its in my cheap haynes manual
There are contections below each of the passenger and driver seat if they come undone then they will beep forever, If you remove a seat you have to jump the wires to keep them from beeping. Check under or remove the seats(4 bolts) to get a good look.
lol it was fixed apparently the passenger side auto shoulder strap was getting stuck when retracting to its normal position. I guess i shoulda looked at both belts. But thanks for the help guys!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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