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be careful of this kid!!!

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ok, i posted the "rim doesn't fit" thread 2 days ago, and now i saw the same seller put another ad with higer price.


do not buy items from this kid. he is a lier. i got scamed.
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call him from a payphone or friends phone, you could meet him for the stuff he's selling now, and confront him that way if you wish.
Wouldn't recommend that Rob. What if the guy has a weapon or what not, you can never usually trust a situation like that. Putting someone's life at risk for a materialistic object is never worth it.

Do it the right way, and take it to court if you have to. Small claims is free, and all you have to do is get a subpeona on the a-hole.

But to understand the main guy on this thread, are you saying he sold you those rims and they didn't fit your car? Or is he copying your thread?

I'm lost on that matter...
Either confront him, that what i would do. Alway bring some friend. You are not looking for trouble but looking to resolve some matter he is mistaken about. anything over $100 is bloody money. I doubt he pull a weapon on you, i don't think he would go to jail for something so dumb. Just get a camcorder and have your friend record the whole thing. Anything happen just take that to court.

on the other hand, if you are the other type of person who does thing like take it to court. I would say don't do it because it take some time and nothing might be settle because there wasn't no paper sign. Judge not going to do anything for you in that case with no proof or paper sign. All it say it 4x100 and you got a different 4x???.

anyway, gl with what you are doing or just sell the rim you got from him and get your money back.
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maybe you can explain why or how he scammed you?
he already did, he said that the guy posted 4x100 rim for sale. He payed for the rim than go home to install it and it was too small or wasn't the right lug pattern. He try to contact the guy but that guy didn't answer anything.
^^^ thats just your personal experience. I've bought and sold maaaaany times on CL without problems, though other times people just don't show.

I have a rule of taking another person whenever I buy/sell on craigslist... safety first.

I'd just stick with re-selling the wheels to get your $$$ back...

either way, thats not the topic of THIS thread. He's simply saying steer clear, and hopefully we all will...
thanks guys.
i've thought about meeting him and asking for money back, then like integcraze said, there was no paper work and it can be mass.
since it's part of my fault too, i will just take time and resell the rims to a person who need them.

i just want to say be careful when you buy something from craigslist. i love craigslist and i had no problems at all till this incident. i will be more careful from now on.
Just an FYI is to make sure you make a "contract," tell him you'll give him a copy and keep one with yourself. Bring a buddy along, and sign both your names.
Do it if it's anything over $100.
Make sure you have his real cell phone and real name.

I've done it many times, such as: when i sold my car, i sold a 98+ front conversion to some guy, etc.
That 98+ front sell would've turned out a disaster because the moment the guy came he tried to go against everything i had explained (scratches, small cracks, etc.), then he starts telling me, "oh man you didn't tell me this, how about this much money?"
I literally negotiated with him for 40min. until i told him if he wants it he could take it if not, then sorry for the long drive.
Anyways, signed a contract, and that made it damm sure that he knew what he was getting into, bought exactly as it was explained by me, and absolutely no returns.
yea, i agree with you arexniba. i learned a lot. by the way, the kid frauded another guy. the guy complained on craigslist :( exactly same as me.
i think the kid is only 16 or something definitley under 19...too bad he screwed people like that...
don't worry... the more people he screw the more **** going to happen to him. Mess with the wrong person than that it, If it me i would of took some measure on that dude. I hate scammer. Arexniba made good sense, as long as you sell anything that has a great value ( some might think it 20 some might think it 50 etc ) than get a written document. That will be a safe bet.
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