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db8 engine
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire

2008 nismo with classic ccw
Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

I gotta give big thanks to a family member who gave me an opportunity to jump on this Integra. I’ve been out of the Integra game for quite some time now but recently just picked up a DB8. Stoked and excited. Cars in pretty bad shape but the engine looks good and clean. The vehicle needs A lot to look after but I should be able to manage the work.

my first Integra Gsr was a paradise green blue pearl with a slightly modified engine with basic bolts ons in which I wrecked which Had some genuine ITR parts and Volks TE37s, after the accident, I was then able to purchase my brothers pearl white Integra with 200whp with a 98 ITR 4.7 FD tranny with work rszR wheels. The car was later sold due to certain circumstances.

Later I was able to purchase another Integra gsr with a blown motor but was lucky enough To have an extra gsr engine from a salvaged Integra that I had bought for a rebuild that I never was able to start. This vehicle was sold to a family friend. I thought I lost the part in me about having owning another Integra but just recently, I was lucky enough to purchase fully stock 1994 4 door Integra GSR. Im not the biggest fan of 4 doors but I had to have this car especially in today’s market, the rarity and cost of these use cars have skyrocketed and searching for an unmodified Honda/Acura is almost impossible to find. For the meantime I’m between of not owning an Integra, I was able to get a handful of good deals for a 2010 hatchback Subaru Sti, a 2008 Nissan 350z NISMO, and a Lexus ISF. You can say I’m a car fanatic and a horder for cars. If I can find a good deal and able to afford it, it belongs in my backyard. Here’s are some pics of my Integras and cars I have owned and given them to family members. Some I still have.
Eg si with ek front end
Tire Car Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle

94 accord with h23
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Grille

92 crx w/b series
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Crx w/CTR swap & works meister
Car Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Tire

2010 ISF with TE37
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

my new ugly DB8 untouched, well kinda besides the fender :)
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
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