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Good day and happy Easter to you all.

My conversion features a B18C7 Type R motor (Oz Spec) and I have encountered a problem which I am having a difficult time working around.

Up to now all has been fine, firstly I noticed my idle had increased to 1100 - 1200 rpm when at temp, and the vtec stopped cutting in at all.

Now, at operating temp and on light throttle, say cruising at 30 mph, the motor cuts out. Electrics are still there. When you throttle on it kicks back to life. The motor still revs out fine, just cutting out.

I have checked the TPS, voltages are normal at both ends and even through the range. I have the original ECU in place. Engine has normal oil level, operating temp and the speedo works. I have reset the ECU. All fuses are fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can look next?

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