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So few days ago my 98 GSR gave out, started to misfire, with check engine light blinking, checked and it was the 4th cylinder. Compression tested and had low compression on 4th cylinder. Would most likely need to be rebuilt. I've always wanted to turbo, so maybe this would be a good time.

The car would be used as a daily, dont want to go crazy as the stock GSR already felt quick with bolt ons, So my goal for the turbo build is 270hp to crank (233 WHP) would be mostly on street.
First of all I would be rebuilding the engine, Would send out Block and head to machine shop. All gaskets, seals, pistons rings, bearings, timing belt, water pump would all be replaced to new OEMs.

-Stock rebuilt GSR motor pistons, rods, cams, valves all stock. GSR tranny stock with Stage 2 competition clutch
- Stock GSR Intake manifold (Butterflies removal?)
- ARP Head studs
- CX racing turbo kit. The link on kit is below
- 255 walbro fuel pump
- 550 CC RC injectors
- 2.5" yonaka catback exhaust
- Hondata S300

Need some input/ advice on this!
- Is my goal attainable?
- How reliable would this be?
- Any suggestions?

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I'd leave the butterflies in IM. Had them in my GSR manifold that pushed 409whp. As far as the parts you listed, your goal is attainable. In my opinion this would be a fairly reliable build. But as I mention in my other post, no matter how reliable it may be, any car that is pushed to the limit is subject to high maintenance and repairs. Goodluck.
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