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AutoX at the Woodlands on 3/26/06

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Hey fellow local TIers!!

Any fellow TI members wanna roll out to the first Crown AutoX event of the KC region? The first event of the season is on March 26, 2006 at the Woodlands out near Nebraska Furniture Mart. First car off is usually about 9 or 10 in the morning. It only costs $25 to run and you don't need to be a member to run. The only requirements are that you bring or borrow a helmet and pass tech inspection. Some helmets are available at the site to borrow. Tech inspection just makes sure that your battery is tied down, your brakes work, your lugnuts are tight, you don't have any loose suspension parts, that your car interior is free of anything loose that could fly around, that your seatbelts work, and that your throttle doesn't stick.

Of course if you don't wanna run, you can always watch and hang out for free.

Over the past two years, the Teg crowd has been a little light on representation. I usually see one ITR and one white GSR besides mine. I think it would be awesome for 5 or 6 tegs to show up.

What do you guys think?
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sounds fun, i'll try to make it if i get my car done in time
i usually go to the ones at arrowhead stadium and have for the past year or so. i'll try and make it out to this one
This does sounds like fun. I've always wanted to go just never got a chance. Keep me update..
I think I've seen you out there before Traize. I drive the Black '98 GSR with the little bitty gunmetal 13" Lenso's. I run as #54 DSP.

I'll post better schedule details and how to pre-register when they open pre-registration. That will probably occur about 2-3 weeks before the event. Don't worry, pre-registration is optional. Even if nobody else runs, it would be cool to have some people show up and at least represent!

Updates to come!
Are there going to be more autox event following the date u had mentioned? I was planning just to go watch since it's my first time being there and then sign up for the next event.
Yea, the schedule is located here.

KCRSCCA and Crown are the only real local clubs. The Kansas Region Club is headquartered in Topeka and most of their events are out there or in Lawrence. The divisionals are bigger events that are stepping stones for the National competition but they are fun for newbies too.

I tell you what stealthxo, if you want you can ride along on a run with me.
Oh, and the local site for Autocross is if you want to keep up with what is going on in the region.
integra5496 on Feb/07/06 said:
I usually see one ITR
one ITR here. Im about 95% sure Ill be there.

The only thing Im not certain on is what type of tires Ill be driving on.
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01ITR640 on Feb/08/06 said:
Quote: integra5496 on Feb/07/06 I usually see one ITR

one ITR here. Im about 95% sure Ill be there.

The only thing Im not certain on is what type of tires Ill be driving on.

Didn't you go to the Local autocross school last spring out at Arrowhead? We had SupaSteve as our instructor and you had to borrow my air compressor.

Oh and on the tire out for those damn R-Comps...they're addictive as hell! I'm going out to the Evolution school out in Salina in April and they tell me it's better to run on street rubber. I just don't know if I can stand running on anything except my Hoosiers. I guess we'll see!
No, that wasn't me. I would like to attend one of the schools, but Im never availble when they offer the course.

It was probably Zach, if it was a PY ITR.

I was hoping I'd be receiving a set of Kumho Victoracer's for my b-day. 225/50-15 f, 205/50-15 r, but we'll see. Otherwise, Im going to run my Falken 615's to the cords!
Ahhh, yes. It was Zach indeed. I forgot his name. Well, I would have helped you out too. That's the kind of crowd that is out there. I don't know how many times someone lent me something when I forgot something.

Anyways, I hope to see a big Teg contingency out there. I'll keep everyone posted.
Andrew...... I am disappointed that you will not be driving at this years Expo.

I might have to try this out, I have wanted to run over lil orange cones.
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Sorry people, I forgot to post this stuff up here earlier. I believe pre-registration is closed but walk up registration is always available Sunday. I've put in some information below.

From forum:

OK, Here's some info on this weekend’s event:

Woodlands East lot

Course setup Starts at 7:30am (I will be there earlier to layout the course)

Registration opens 8:00am - closes 2:00pm (the registrar may open a little early for taking memberships only!) $20 members - $25 non-members

First car off-10:00am (as close as possible). If there is standing snow on the ground or is in the process of an accruable (is that a word) snow, the event may be cancelled.

Numbers/ Class must be on cars, at least the side to the Timing and Scoring when you are in staging. I will try to have tape-on numbers/ letters available. But it is your responsibility to have ‘VISIBLE’ numbers and class on your car. This will slow down T&S if they are not there.
Two driver cars, in the same heat need to be in the first grid slots. If you are a two driver/ same heat car, get with the Grid person in your heat and let them know, if they don’t already.

Noise levels - we will be watching noise levels and the Chair, Co-Chair and Safety person will have the say as to whether a particular vehicle will run due to noise. So please muffle it, if it needs it. We do not want to lose the site because of noise levels!

See the run/work posts to see where you are and where you work. Please have patience, this is our first year back at this and there will be some snafu’s while we work out the bugs. If your new, team up with an experienced person and learn as much as you can, it will make it more fun for everyone.

We will be going back to the 3-part tech slip, so you can get a copy at the end of your heat, give us a few minutes to get them separated. We are also going to have a post-it person giving you your times; these are not official as there may be a late cone call.

As of now there will be 5 runs in the first heat, 4 thereafter. This is subject to change depending on the number of entrants, weather, and other factors. Please listen to any announcements before the start of the event. There will be course walking between heats, but you must start the walk within the first 5 minutes after the prior heat finishes. The course will then be closed for additional walkers.

I’m sure there is something I missed, or if you have any questions, post a reply or email me. As I said before, lets have some patience during the day, and if you will help out someone who is having a difficult time, both workers and participants.

We can have a great time if ‘everyone’ pitches in!

John T ’06 Crown President
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sounds good. Ill be running in the 4th heat. so hopfully the weather will cooperate

<--really excited to smash cones sunday.

john, you must come out so i can give you py ass whoopin, Hopfully the expo will closer next year and not on a monday.
I'll be in the 4th heat too. What class you running in Andrew?
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