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‘99 integra LS sedan

I’m literally at the end of my auto to manual swap and have tried the wiring I’ve seen on numerous threads. Connecting the black/red wire with black/white wire from the auto shifter plug and the ONLY thing that happens when I turn the key is the radiator fan turns on. Keep in mind I’ve not messed with anything else in the harness either. I haven’t wired in clutch switches as per my own research it’s not exactly necessary.

The clutch pedal I have only had one switch (top) on it, plan is to pick up a male end connector for it and hopefully find a bottom switch as well from local junkyard and try that. But the fan kicking on is baffling to me. ANY idea as to why that could be?

I’m also not hearing the fuel pump or starter. I plan to bench test starter tomorrow though, but have a feeling it might be the relay. But if it’s the starter relay, Ive just read the main relay effects the fuel pump too, that true?

I also had to get rid of cruise control, my manual pedals didn’t have the brackets for cruise so I’ve removed the cable and the cruise module. Didn’t think it’d have anything to do with starting system but figured to share that info in case it’s relevant.

ANY help or guidance would be much appreciated. I have an event coming up in a couple weeks so I need to get this sorted ASAP!

Thanks in advance.
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