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Hello everyone, so I decided to make this thread because frankly, I don't like how the article page is set up. I also didn't like how blogs are thrown into the page as well. Anyways, it was my goal to create a single page that displayed all articles, instead of just 4 or 5 at a time. Even if no one else uses this, I know I will. I like this setup better and searching is as easy as hitting CTRL + F and typing in field. This was an attempt to merely change how to content was displayed, not the content itself. I still recommend checking the articles page for updates and additions that this thread may not always be in sync with.

Note: Yes, I know there are repeats for several sub-categories. I decided to leave them on purpose.

Also, if you find any errors please let me know so I can correct ASAP.


Engine External:

Intake manifold measurements
IndividualThrottle Body Dimensions
Intake Manifold Tech: Runner Size Calculations
Why Should I Use Platinum Spark Plugs in My Teg?
ECU (Chip) Basics
Intake Information
Ideas: Flow Velocity, Flow Capacity, Flow Quality

Engine Internal:
Head comparison VTEC vs. Non VTEC
Basic Camshaft Calculations
Static CR & Intake Cam Duration Relationship
Honda Main & Rod Bearing Color Codes
New Engine Break-In Procedure
Valve Seat Angles:Should I do a 3 angle Valve Job?
Compression Ratio Explained (Static & Dynamic)
Advance Ignition Timing: What Happens?
Piston Tech
VTEC Cams Specs Comparison for Bseries Engines
Engine Package : Swapping Parts For Power
Engine Package I: CamTiming-Rod Ratio Relatnships

Forced Induction:
Beginners One Stop Turbo FAQ
A Closer Look at Turbo Calculations
How to clock a turbo
Greddy Turbo Kit FAQs
Turbo Manifold Design
Intercooling 101
Nitrous FAQ
Turbo FAQ Updated 10-01-04
Compression vs Boost Table
Nitrous Basics
Turbo 101
Supercharger Basics and FAQ

Alignment: Camber
Suspension for Beginners
Slip Angle and the Circle of Traction
Double Wishbone vs. MacPherson Strut II: Compared
Double Wishbone vs. MacPherson Strut3: 2nd Opinion
Spring/Coilover Specifications
Wheel hop: Eliminate it and launch like a pro
Strut/Tie Bars
Sway Bars

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Wheels and Tires:

Brakes: Rotors
Brakes: Brake Pads
Choosing the Right Performance Wheel
Tweaking tire pressure for maximum handling

S300 Beginner Guide
Octane differences between the US, Europe & Japan
The Skinny on Octane Ratings
HP and Torque. Analyzing power curves.
Air Fuel Ratio Fuel Tuning Basics
Using Chassis Dynanometers For Tuning
Why Peak WHP Can Lie: Transient Response Concept
Dyno Tuning Basics for WOT Performance

Dyno Tuning:
Dyno Charts

Engine Swaps:
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Exhaust Systems:

Header Purchasing Guide
Exhaust purchasing guide
Advanced Exhaust Tech II : Backpressure and Area
Exhaust design effects on noise
Correcting Exhaust B-Pipe Cat Flange Bottleneck
Exhaust Basics
Advanced Exhaust Tech I
Header Tech Information (Header Parts & Powerband)
Cats (Catalytic Converters) with Higher Flow
O2 sensor Simulator: Eliminate the Testpipe CEL
Header-Exhaust Design Effects on Engine Power

Manual Transmission Break-In ( Rebuilt & New )
Trouble Shooting A Hydraulic Integra Clutch System
Gear Ratio Calculator



The Complete Guide to Plastic Lighting Restoration
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
All you ever wanted to know about Klasse
Using Engine Cleaner
Clearer Headlights!
How to restore your exterior trim pieces
Removing swirl marks and micro marring
Cleaing your Tires: Do you need to protect them?
Picking your protection: All about car waxes
Exterior Cleaning
Detailing the Interior
Detailing the Engine Bay
Detailing Terms



RSX Blower Fan Power Transistor Repair
How to Fix an Acura Integra Hatch Actuator
G3 Blower Motor Removal and Cleaning
G2 Blower Motor Removal and Cleaning
Locating the source of the water in your trunk
Antenna Mast Cleaning-keep the antenna from dying!
G4 (RSX) Front Bumper Removal
G4 (RSX) Jack Points
All About Wiper Blades
G3 Jack Points
Improving Power Window Travel
Fix Window Rattle for G3 Coupe
Sun roof drain tube: water in the hatch?
Emblem Removal and Installation
G3 Rear Bumper Removal
G3 Headlight Adjustment
G2 Front Bumper Removal
G3 Front bumper removal

How To: Install Valvesprings and Valve Seals
How To: Clean Your IACV
How To: Clean Your FITV
Leakdown Test
G3: Reset SRS Light
Advanced Ignition Troubleshooting
Compression Testing 101: FAQ / How To
G3 Starter Rebuild
Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement on a G3 Teg
Sea Foam Valve Cleaning
G3 Radiator Replacement (Teg w/ Auto Tranny)
Cam Seal and Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
G2 Radiator Replacement
Valve lash adjustment
Coolant Replacing and Bleeding
Replacing your distributor cap and rotor (GEN3)
G3 Fuel Filter Replace
G3 Thermostat Replacement
Adjusting your idle speed (Gen3)
K&N Filter Cleaning
Oil Change
Reset ECU
Reset Maintenance Light

G4 (RSX) Wheel bearing, Trailing arm replacement
How To: Brake Pipe Removal/Replacement
How To: Cleaning front ABS sensor
G3 Brake Master Cylinder Install
Brake fluid flushing/replacing
E-brake tension adjustment
Brake Bleeding
Brake Caliper Removal
G3 Brake Pads and Rotors

Manual Transmission Break-In ( Rebuilt & New )
Trouble Shooting A Hydraulic Integra Clutch System
Gear Ratio Calculator

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Understanding Car Insurance

ECU Information:

Pxxxx OBD2 ECU codes
Gen2 (90-91) Pulling ECU/CEL Codes & Code List
ECU Identification
List of ABS diagonistic trouble codes: '98-'01
List of ECU Warning Codes

Type R:


Model History:
VIN decoding (Gen1)
VIN decoding (Gen2)
G3 Versions & Updates
Integra Color Codes
VIN decoding (Gen3)
Model Colors
History of the Acura Integra


G3 Quick Reference Guide
JDM Integra 85-88
JDM Integra 89-92
JDM Integra 95-00
JDM Integra 01+
JDM Integra 93-94
Power To Weight Ratios
USDM Integra 86-89 (Gen1)
USDM Integra 90-93 (Gen2)
USDM Integra 94-01 (Gen3)
USDM RSX 02+ (Gen4)

All About VTEC

Troubleshooting: G2 dim,blown out headlight.
High beams as DRL without losing high beams
How to check for and locate Parasitic Draw
Standalone Systems
Piggy Back, Why They are Bad
Programming Factory Alarm Transmitter
HID Lighting 101
Painting Can Affect Charging System Output
Soldering 101
Trouble shooting gen 2 (90-91) ABS codes
Security Accessories/Addons
G3 Fuseblock Layout
Bulb Sizes for All Models
Maintenance Required Indicator Explained!
Relays Explained!
All About Headlight Bulbs
G2 Vehicle Wiring Information
Things to look for in a stereo receiver
G3 Wiring Information (Radio/Alarm)
Basic Car Audio Definitions


Alignment: Camber
Suspension for Beginners
Slip Angle and the Circle of Traction
Double Wishbone vs. MacPherson Strut II: Compared
Double Wishbone vs. MacPherson Strut3: 2nd Opinion
Spring/Coilover Specifications
Wheel hop: Eliminate it and launch like a pro
Strut/Tie Bars
Sway Bars


Car Buying Techniques: Part 1 - Used Cars
Dept of Motor Vehicles Websites
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Wheels and Tires:
Brakes: Rotors
Brakes: Brake Pads
Choosing the Right Performance Wheel
Tweaking tire pressure for maximum handling


Tips for a Career in Motorsports Engineering


Why you need a fire extinguisher and what to get
Calculating Your Maximum Lateral G-Force
Drag Strip Primer
Autocross FAQ: Classing your Integra in Solo 2
Helmet information


Manual Transmission Break-In ( Rebuilt & New )
Trouble Shooting A Hydraulic Integra Clutch System
Gear Ratio Calculator

Car Transport for Dummies
Road Trip Checklist



Headrest Camera Mount DIY
hyper blink turn signals
G3 JDM Window Visor Install
Fixing your possible G3 taillight sag
Replica Front Lip Install
Fixing a sagging ashtray
Cleaning up & polishing a header
HID Retrofit Installation
DIY Red Out Tail Lights (RSX)
Magnetic Numbers DIY
G3 Automatic Shift Plate Light
Painted Tire Lettering (GT Style)
G3 Carpet Replacement
Painting Front Bumper Lip
Painting your stock sideskirts
G3 Catz HID Kit Installation
DIY anodized dressups (Fuel Filter, FPR and FPG)
Interior Neon Installation
Removing G3 stock side skirts
G3 Clear Corner Install
Tint Removal
Custom Door Upholstery
G3 Rear Wiper Delete
Paint Your Own Wheels
Angel Eyes for G3 Integra
G3 High-Mount (Third) Brake Light Install
Drying & Sealing your after-market taillights
Making Bumper Lenses Steal Proof; G3 Models.
Wiper Arm Restoration
Restoring exterior trim pieces - Supplement
Tint the Dots or Not Tint the Dots?
Painting Valve Cover
G3 9005 Headlight Conversion
Changing Bulbs in G3 Gauges
More Interior paint techniques
Changing Bulbs In OEM Fog Lights
Tinted clear corners
G2 Rear Wiper Delete
Decal Installation
Installing tail lights
Painting Tail Lights
Painting your calipers.

DIY Performance:
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Car Audio:
DEI 545t Headlight Module installation
RSX Alarm Wiring Information
G3: An Alternative to Running Wires in the Door
iPod Interface Installation
DIY Backseat Video Camera Mount
G2: Electronic Trunk Release Module
Non-Sound Deadening Trunk Cover
RSX Amplifier Installtion
RSX Aftermartket Radio Install
Maximize your stereo's potential!
Antenna Mast Replacement
G3 Factory Fog Light Wiring
G3 Component Speaker Installation
S2000 OEM Antenna Installation
Escort Radar Hardwire Install
S2000 Shark Antenna Installation
G3 Unlock Switch Bypass
Aftermarket Doorlock Installation
Sub Enclosure Building 101
Misc Radio Tips (Clock, Fuses, Wire Gauge, more)
How to install a shift light
How to Wire an illuminated Switch
Changing Your Alarm's Siren Sound
G3 Amp Installation
Radio Harnesses Explained!!
Remote Trunk Release Kit
G3 Running New Speaker Wire Into Door
G3 Gaining Front Speaker Depth
G3 & G2 Power Wire Run
Speaker Sizes and Locations
Power Antenna Override
Indiglo Gauge Install
G3 Head Unit Installation
G3 Radio Removal
Spare Tire Sub Box

G3 Dashboard Removal
DIY JDM/OEM seatbelt sensor mechanism swap
DIY Recaro Suede Leather Seat Restoration
G3 Headliner Removal
G3: Remove rear interior triangle
G3: Removing the Passenger Airbag
Shift Boot Replacement
G3: Installation of Del Sol seats
Gen 2 Sunroof Switch Reconditioning
Re-attaching Shiftknob to Shiftboot
G4 (RSX) Front Seat Removal
G4 (RSX) Rear Seat Removal
G2 Rear Seat Removal
G3 Door Panel Removal
G3: Climate Control Removal
Changing Automatic Shift Knob on G3 Integra
G3 sound dampening material removal: heat gun
G3 sound dampening material removal: dry ice
G2 Indiglo Gauge Install
Interior Painting!!!!
Gen 2 JDM Gauge Cluster Installation
Door Panel Removal
G3: Remove Front Seats
G3: Rear Seats and Rear Speaker Removal

Bolt-On Installation:
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omfg dude you rock because I was looking for the article button up top like I use to but couldn't find it and was about to blow up a whole new thread just for that, bookmarked!!! Thanks again.

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Damn! I was also a bit annoyed with only 4 articles per page, thanks so much for taking the time to link everything and put it in one place!

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Thanks for the words everyone, appreciate it. Was a headache because as soon as I pasted from my notepad, all the formatting got screwed up, and broke the links. Should be all good now, but if anyone stumbles across a broken one, let me know :)


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Just found this, thank you so much for making it. The "articles" link at the top should go to this page instead of the garbage it currently is. It's impossible to find anything by category, all the pictures for each line are broken, and when you stumble across a category, the articles are very poorly displayed. Would it really be so difficult for these new guys to just make a simple, categorized list like you did without any blogs (what do blogs have to do with articles anyway? Blogs are conversational, articles are informational...)?

Again, thanks for this. Bookmarking so I don't have to deal with the real articles section again.

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still being worked on.

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So who knows how the heck long they are going to take to fix this.

If anyone absolutely needs article data now, here is a super-hacky workaround

Open this site in another browser tab:


- Find the link in the first post of this thread to the article you want. So I was helping out someone who was looking for the "G3 Bypass Unlock Article", so I hit "Command + F" here in Google Chrome on OSX (Control + F for Windows) machine, searched for "Unlock" to find it.

- Right click on link and choose "Copy Link Address"


- Go to the other table with Cached View and paste that address in the search box, click the " Cache"


- You'll be presented with a graph like this. Every black bar means that saved a version of that URL at that point, so I am going to click on the 2010 version, you'll then need to pick the exact date in the calendar presented


- They payoff! Sorry it's such a pain in the ass, but at least the end result is something. And to note, the paging works just fine.

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