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Anyone Using Arospeed Door Bars

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I am thinging about gatting a set of these Arospeed Door Bars:

anyone have any experience with these?I am looking to keep people off my recaro bolsters, but dont want to make it a royal pain to get in to the car. plus I am not sure of aerospeed's quality and I dont want to mess around with it if iots gonna fall apart. TIA
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From its description, it seems like a poser cage. Idk man.
yeah, its totally a poser cage, but if it will save my recaros from worn/torn bolsters....?
maybe. or.... you could just be more careful when getiing in and out... it is kinda pointless to me, you just have to be more aware of them when getting in and out...
their not for me........ anyone with aftermarket seats can probabally relate to seeing your passenger sitting with their ass on the seat and their feet outside - (either getting in out or whatever) and grinding the bolsters down. I am just getting tired of my friends thinking i am a dickhead because I have to explain to them how to enter and exit my car.
^ I know what you mean. $200 to save your recaros...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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