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I tried to get a set of OEM fog lights from A&H Motors but they couldn't get it anymore and instead they could only get a set of APC OEM-style lights. I'm not a big fan of APC. While doing some searching on the internet for OEM-style fog light kits I found that Pilot makes a set Pl-123C (clear version) not to mention I can get a set for $200 cheaper than the APCs.

Does anyone have these on their car? I'm primarily interested in knowing if they are actually almost identical to OEM style fogs with plug-and-play harnesses and OEM style fog light switch. Close-up pics would be very appreciated! Thanks

Also, if anyone would happen to have an Acura OEM set of fogs for a '94-'97 let me know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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