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Another new Team Integra Member

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Just another guy joining the team integra family, this is still the best source of information I have found regarding our cars.

I currently have a 1996 GSR and I'm looking to do a turbo build to about 300whp. By one stipulation is that I want to do this without making any permanent modifications or changes to the car.

We'll see how that goes...


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Welcome to T-I. Your car is really clean for its age.
Welcome to T-I. Your car is really clean for its age.
Thank you! Yeah I lucked out, it has 220k on the odo and none of the rust or damage that would normally accompany that on a Northeastern car.
Just wondering what you mean by no permanent modifications. But you want to add a turbo. Please at least watch one youtube video on boosting a integra. Also are you planning on installing yourself? You might want to try a Jackson supercharger you will get close to your 300hp goal. Yet (boosting) your car with a turbo will yield around 400-600hp plan on spending $2k plus parts, to have a shop instal. Also you will need to get your ecu socketed chipped/dyno tuned for at least another $1k. There is no soft way to put it (permanent) does this mean you want to run a turbo, then remove it to sell without anyone knowing it was ran hard in high RPM, ikn that's what it sounds like to me.
I mean no permanent modifications as in, cutting and re-welding brackets, drilling holes in the firewall, drilling and tapping AN-10 fittings in the valve cover.
I think this is a fine goal, maybe not 100% possible, but I'm going to stick at closely to it as I can.
I'm good on my plans and I already have my parts for the build, I'm doing it with field friends in my home garage. I wanted to go turbo because I can retain the a/c and the ABS systems. The Jackson supercharger isn't sold anymore (at least I can't find a new one) and the kraftwerks kits require removing the A/C.
Also you do know you can use a smaller turbo? 400-600 is way more than I'm shooting for, I'm going to run a GT2860RS for it's quick spool time.

And I don't know why you're acting like I'm trying to pull a fast one, this is just a fun build for me on a classic car.
Lol your good bro, I was just testing the water with you, good luck big dog, sounds like you're done your research

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