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First off, I searched both team-integra and honda-tech for idle related issues. Been searching, reading, and doing everything I've read on both forums. So far, it hasn't helped much and I'm beginning to think it's normal. I want to make sure before I move on to something else.

My idle is being weird. I don't have the fluctuating idle, nor high idle, but a weird idle. on cold startup, it idles 1500rpm and drops as the car warms up. That's normal I know. Without the a/c on, it idles at 800. Can't get it to go any lower. With the a/c on, it idles almost at a 1000 rpm. Is this normal?

I have problem with the idle whenever I'm driving around town, Coming to a stop, rolling stop, coasting without the accelerator, the rpm would idle at 1200 rpm. After I come to a complete stop, it will be at 1200 rpm for at least 10 to 20 seconds, then slowly drops to either 800 or 1000 depending if the a/c is off or on. Is this normal?

Things I've tried:
1. remove and clean idle air control valve
2. remove and clean the throttle body
3. throttle body bypass. ran a hose from the engine to the iacv.
4. adjusted the screw for the throttle plate, it's closed all the way.
5. adjusted the screw on the throttle body for idle. it didn't make much of a difference.
6. adjusted the throttle cable
7. followed the helms for adjusting idle. page 284.
8. bleed the coolant system for bubbles

Things I haven't tried yet:
1. check for vacuum leaks. doesn't look like there's a leak anywhere.
2. change the thermostat. my temp is below the half way mark. guessing the thermostat is okay
3. adjust the tps sensor. still using stock tb. no reason to mess with this
4. change the o2 sensor, car has 100k+ miles. do i need to change it?
5. change the gasket on the TB. looks okay whenever i removed the TB. no rips or tear.

That's all I could think of off the top of my head. I've did all this over a period of a month or so. work and whatnot have been keeping me busy. As for my car, it's a 97 gsr with 110k miles. This is my first integra so I don't know what to expect.
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