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i got the car from my uncle in march this year. a 2000 integra gsr with a jackson racing supercharger on it. on my first drive with the car the alternator belt snapped and got sucked into the timing gear which had completely thrown off my timing and ended up blowing 4 valves in the head. i replaced everything and it was good for about 8 months.

yesterday it happened again. got into the highway (behind a semi truck in 4th gear at 40mph - so not pushing it at all) and my alternator belt snapped and the car was losing power. the supercharger belt is ran off an extension of the alternator pulley so no alternator belt = no supercharger belt.

i had replaced all the belts yesterday and the car wouldn’t start. this was my first sign something was wrong. i popped the valve cover off and just as i thought, i saw belt shreds in the timing gears.

today i got to work redoing my timing. luckily this time, my timing belt was still in good condition so i didn’t need to replace it. just had to redo my timing. once i had everything redone i started the car up and it just didn’t sound right. (exactly what happened 8 months ago).

im already pretty certain i need to replace the head again. im mainly posting just to ask if anyone else has experienced this problem or anything similar. my timing covers got scratches and marks all over it but no excessive holes/opening. is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening again? just looking for any kinda help. i just turned 16 in september and this is my first car. im not letting it go.
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