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Alpha's DD Project Log UPDATE: Thread back from the dead

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Anti-Theft Circuit Post #23
New audio setup and installation Post#37
New Goodies post#41

LS is OUT! New pics! post#51
Swap complete!! Now a member of the vtec club!
New wheels, exhaust, & plate setup
Fresh wax & new shift knob
Suspension build underway
Wheel wells painted and 95% of car re-assembled!
Suspension review + mini-photoshoot at Ash Lawn!

Welcome to my build thread.

Current setup (Updated Sep. 24, 2012)

Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers 7/5k (392/280lbs)
Benen Tripod
ASR Brace
Function7 LCAs
PWJDM Rear Swaybar endlinks
Type R rear and front sway bars
Skunk2 Rear camber kit
Skunk2 Pro series front camber kit with Hardrace bushings
New Bushings
Mini/Type R big brake upgrade
SS Brake Lines
Centric rotors
Dual Din Boss radio with Carplay
4x 6.5" Sound Ordnance Speakers
4ch Alpine 300W amp
1ch 150W-ish cheap amp
JL Audio 10" Sub
Dynamat Superlight 24sqft
Blox "Limited Series" Neo Chrome 490 shift knob
Optima battery
Custom anti-theft system
2 way communicating alarm system
I also have a shotgun waiting for one - or two - unfortunate enough to attempt to steal my baby 😉
JDM 98+ Type R engine
Apexi WS2 catback
JDM Type R cat
Weapon R Intake
P75 ECU with vtec
Moates Demon
Tuned on Neptune
PLX DM-6 Wideband

Future plans?:
Get it back on the road

Here is my old setup:
98" Integra LS
Original B18B1
No A/C
Greddy 18G Turbo w/ Greddy Intercooler
550CC RC Injectors
Innovate Wideband O2
Glowshift boost gauge/oil pres. sensor & exhaust temp sensor
Chipped non-VTEC ECU running Moates Demon
Tuned on eCtune @ 249hp/249wtq
3" Full exhaust (Thermal R&D) w/ custom 3" Downpipe
Stage 4 Clutch
Koni Yellows with Ground Control Coilovers (450F/350R)
Ground Control Top Hats
Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit
Blox Rear Camber Kit
Some aftermarket 6.5" speakers - decent quality, not great though
Everything else has been stollen :p
(Two radio's, two MTX12" subs)

Older Photos:

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Too bad the video is set to private so no one can watch it
Been a while since I last updated, there hasn't been much to update unfortunately. Mostly because I discovered I have a spinal injury, probably caused by an accident I had back in 2006. (Someone rear ended me in a mini-van @ 55mph, face slammed into the steering wheel pretty hard)

So I can't really do any car work - or much of anything that is very physical - until April next year or so while my spine is being worked on. When the time comes I will have some goodies to install though. Echelonwarrior sold me his USDM ITR cluster, JDM clusters are all over the place, but finding a USDM ITR cluster was a bit more challenging, just wish it was under a more positive note:

Today I also snatched two more DM-6 gauges, PLX is having a buy one get one FREE sale today, it didn't take me long to hit "checkout"! I am a HUGE fan of the DM-6 gauge and would recommend it, especially with the AFR module. Being able to see a live graph at any time while driving is pretty cool, and is great for fine tuning. So I'll have 3 of these bad boys on my gauge pod, very excited. Also because they use modules which can be chained together it will MAJORLY simplify my gauge wiring.

Today is the LAST day of the sale though, so head on over and grab em while you can!

PLX Devices DM-6 Buy one and one free
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Thread from the dead! Yes, I still have my ITR swapped Integra, it is also garage kept now. I also got engaged to my girlfriend of 3 years last Wednesday the 10th!

Car has been sitting for about a year now, recently installed a new 2-din radio with apple carplay, worked on the speakers and sub which I was never happy with, and fixed some rear-bumper sag issues. Pic from today:

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Battery seems dead again....left it off the charger for a few days. :mad: Only got 3 years out of it and very little use...might need to go with an Optima yellowtop or something. Also, old car doing old car of the main rear brake lines in leaking onto the plastic tray. Another member in a post from 2017 replaced them with these with no issue, might go that route over building hardlines. We'll see. Beyond that she needs all new fluids. Getting there...

My daily is now a 2017 MK7 GTI Sport I purchased new in 2016 which now has 91k miles on it. It runs a hybrid turbo and made 426whp on a heartbreaker dyno last year, its a sleeper from hell:

Cloud Car Tire Wheel Sky
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Passenger rear brake line failed, thankfully I found out in the garage and not on a mountain road. Replaced with a $120 stainless steel kit off ebay from valexracing. So far so good, a lot easier than building new hardlines which would have been a nightmare. New battery and all new fluids as well:

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Though I may have an issue with the health of the engine, I removed the oil cap and there is a concerning amount of blow-by. Probably do a compression and lead-down test today, though I'm pretty sure I might have some bad rings. :(
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