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Alpha's DD Project Log UPDATE: Thread back from the dead

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Anti-Theft Circuit Post #23
New audio setup and installation Post#37
New Goodies post#41

LS is OUT! New pics! post#51
Swap complete!! Now a member of the vtec club!
New wheels, exhaust, & plate setup
Fresh wax & new shift knob
Suspension build underway
Wheel wells painted and 95% of car re-assembled!
Suspension review + mini-photoshoot at Ash Lawn!

Welcome to my build thread.

Current setup (Updated Sep. 24, 2012)

Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers 7/5k (392/280lbs)
Benen Tripod
ASR Brace
Function7 LCAs
PWJDM Rear Swaybar endlinks
Type R rear and front sway bars
Skunk2 Rear camber kit
Skunk2 Pro series front camber kit with Hardrace bushings
New Bushings
Mini/Type R big brake upgrade
SS Brake Lines
Centric rotors
Dual Din Boss radio with Carplay
4x 6.5" Sound Ordnance Speakers
4ch Alpine 300W amp
1ch 150W-ish cheap amp
JL Audio 10" Sub
Dynamat Superlight 24sqft
Blox "Limited Series" Neo Chrome 490 shift knob
Optima battery
Custom anti-theft system
2 way communicating alarm system
I also have a shotgun waiting for one - or two - unfortunate enough to attempt to steal my baby 馃槈
JDM 98+ Type R engine
Apexi WS2 catback
JDM Type R cat
Weapon R Intake
P75 ECU with vtec
Moates Demon
Tuned on Neptune
PLX DM-6 Wideband

Future plans?:
Get it back on the road

Here is my old setup:
98" Integra LS
Original B18B1
No A/C
Greddy 18G Turbo w/ Greddy Intercooler
550CC RC Injectors
Innovate Wideband O2
Glowshift boost gauge/oil pres. sensor & exhaust temp sensor
Chipped non-VTEC ECU running Moates Demon
Tuned on eCtune @ 249hp/249wtq
3" Full exhaust (Thermal R&D) w/ custom 3" Downpipe
Stage 4 Clutch
Koni Yellows with Ground Control Coilovers (450F/350R)
Ground Control Top Hats
Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit
Blox Rear Camber Kit
Some aftermarket 6.5" speakers - decent quality, not great though
Everything else has been stollen :p
(Two radio's, two MTX12" subs)

Older Photos:

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Fresh wax pics :cool:

New shift knob, Blox 490 Limited

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Began ripping into the suspension today...

Pulled her into the garage

Removed front left strut and UCA

Unfortunately that's about all I was able to do today, 80% of the time was taken removing a seized bolt on my Skunk 2 UCA plate. Ended up braking out the angle grinder and trimming the bolt head completely off. I really should find an alternative for those bolts rather than use the stock Skunk 2 ones. :frown:

Also, Croftgate tire shine is pretty much the $hit. I applied it over 2 weeks ago and while it lost the "shine" the tire is dirt free and still BLACK. Not only that but you can use it in the interior, and because its not oily, its actually much better than Armor-all - non oily and still looks very fresh inside. This pic was taken today, the tire is a very healthy looking black:

This bug wasn't so lucky! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

More updates to come as I make progress
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The ebrake pin is giving be a bit of a hard time....gonna let em soak in PB for a while

Ended up just taking the spring and arm off, which helped give me more options to pull the pin. After a little fight with some pliers, a mix of WD40 and PB it came loose. I had to do the same for the right side as well.
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Long overdue update...

Basically I had the whole suspension torn out at one point, and got busy blasting away some old cheap undercoat in all the wheel wells I had applied a few years ago. Using a drill, wire brush, and some simple green - it was a nasty, challenging chore, but for the most part I was able to remove 95% of it. Here is the how it sat a few days ago, looks almost to good to put on the road!:

I think all my labor was well worth it, as you can see I also refinished the trailing arm, shield, and other odds and ends. I also ended up replacing my blox rear camber kit with Skunk2, blox bushing just don't seem to last. :frown: You can also see my new Fortune Auto coilovers are now sittin pretty. Since this picture was taken I also installed some SS brake lines along with new Centric brake components.

More pics will be on the way, at the moment the car is 95% reassembled, I may get it on the ground today, but before that I need to torque everything to spec, finishing mounting the front sway bar, and re-attach the exhaust. Then it'll be test drive time! :vtec228:

This has easily been one of the biggest undertakings I've ever done on the car and has taken 100% of my free time, much of the work has been attacking rust though, while it wasn't to bad, I want to stop it in its tracks before it gets out of hand.
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Rear fully assembled:

Front fully assembled:

SS brake lines installed and ready to rock:

Lightningteg's no BS bolt on big brake upgrade with ITR calipers :icon_twisted:

Basically new skunk2 pro series with Hard Race bushings and hardware:

The rear suspension goods:
PWJDM endlinks
Skunk2 Camber kit (The bushings on my old Blox kit took a ****)

All mounted onto the ASR subframe perdy :rolleyes:

I expect her to be on the ground tomorrow FINALLY, I'm seriously going through withdrawals right
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Nice, clean work, very nice. I need to pick up a set of stainless line ends for my teg, along with the front brake upgrade.

What spring rates are you running?
Nice, clean work, very nice. I need to pick up a set of stainless line ends for my teg, along with the front brake upgrade.

What spring rates are you running?
392 Front
280 Rear
Hey how did you like the spring rates on your old setup with the Konis? Im looking at similar rates for my civic but Its my DD so im not trying to kill my back.

Really like the setup. Cant wait to dig into mine this winter
It actually wasn't bad, easily daily driveable, my commute to work and back is usually over 80mi a day so after switching to 205/45r16 tires I decided to go a little softer.

The ride feels spectacular, I am more than pleased, I felt the difference pulling out of the driveway. So far very pleased with my Fortune Auto Coilover purchase, I'm sure all the fresh bushings are a big contributor as well. However its not all good, I have a strange rubbing/clunking sound coming from the left front at 20+mph. Its kinda inconsistent like a " rub, rub, clunk, rub, rub clunk" sound. However from outside the car its a "Tick, tick, tick, tick" almost like a rock is in the treads...the tick could be unrelated though. Also, not impressed with the brake pedal feel, I think I may have some air trapped in the calipers still.

Beyond that, I need to dial my ride height in.
What pads are you running? Make sure you bed them in right.

Id also check to make sure no wheel weights are hitting the calipers. I had that problem when I did the big brakes on the civic.
What pads are you running? Make sure you bed them in right.

Id also check to make sure no wheel weights are hitting the calipers. I had that problem when I did the big brakes on the civic.
HPS Hawk pads, I wasn't able to finish bedding in the pads, I pulled in after I was hearing the odd noises in the FL. I "think" I may know what it is now, I was distracted earlier today when I was mounting the front ABS sensors, I may have forgotten to bolt up the front left ABS wss. :rolleyes:

Good call on the wheel weights, I know I have some on the wheels.
The suspension install is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE! Yesterday I took note of the ride height and made adjustments to all four coilovers to get the ride height I was looking for:

I can fit one finger in the gap, don't really want to go any lower since this will be a DD. The sound in the front left I heard yesterday was in fact the ABS speed sensor moving around, thankfully it didn't appear damaged, so I mounted it and all seems good! I also followed Jared's brake bleeding guide and bled all four brakes again. The left front caliber seemed have contained a lot of air, enough to be noteworthy. At any rate the brakes feel MUCH better than they did yesterday. I also finished bedding the pads.

Benen tri permanently installed:

The Fortune 500s are easy to adjust and don't require a tool like my old Konies...which is nice.

Updated pic of the engine bay:
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So it has been almost a week since the suspension was completed, here is my official review of my new suspension, as of now I already have almost 400 miles on the new setup.

Ride is very comfortable on the softest coil over setting, ride quality trumps my old setup which is expected due to the softer spring rates. I'm sure the Fortune Auto 57mm pistons help with this as well.

Handling seems to have improved three-fold, I've been nothing but ecstatic on how well this car handles now. Hitting curves at the max speed I'd hit them on the old setup, is cake on this setup, its just begging for more in the corners. The ITR sway bars as expected greatly reduced body roll, and keep the car confidently planted.

Steering response is fantastic, partly due to new bushings up front, I'm sure it'll be even better when I adjust the coil-over damping to a more aggressive setting.

Acceleration has also been improved, before my worn bushings caused some wheel hop...which is now non-existent.

...and no squeaky bushings! The only odd noise at the moment is a random slight "knock" sound at low speed, usually heard while in reverse. It sounds like its coming from the front left side. Sometime this week I'll pop the wheel off and ensure everything is still torqued to spec. Other than that if I'm not careful the exhaust resonator may hit the road going over some tracks at my workplace entrance. The resonator sags a little lower than the rest of the exhaust, so I may have a shop install some extra hangers or something - if possible. Any input would be great, open to other possibilities. Beyond that I just have to get used to the new ride height. :rolleyes:

The day after completion it was a picture perfect day, so I went to Ash Lawn (the house of James Monroe) for a mini-shoot.

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How are the brakes?
How are the brakes?
I also followed Jared's brake bleeding guide and bled all four brakes again. The left front caliber seemed have contained a lot of air, enough to be noteworthy. At any rate the brakes feel MUCH better than they did yesterday. I also finished bedding the pads.
They have felt good ever since
One of the issues I came across while installing my F7 LCA's was how to route the ABS lines. I've read some people use zip ties, but to me that's just kinda ghetto, so I hacked the ends off the OEM bracket, trimmed them up nice and painted:

Then using one of the 3 sway bar mounting holes on the F7s I hung the bracket and routed the ABS line:

I then used some metal clamps to help pull in the wire near the gas tank. Anywhere the wire comes in contact with metal or tends to hang a little low needed some extra protection. So I took some clear tubing I had hanging around, trimmed to the appropriate length, and cut a slit across the entire length of it and slipped it over the wire. Two small zip ties on either end hold it in place.

I don't have pictures of the finished product yet, I'll snap some later and post them up.
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Took the car down to a small car show an hour away last weekend, I had my dad drive so I could tune my air fuels while cruising on the highway. I haven't spent much time going 65-75mph on this tune and some areas of the map were running quite rich. At 70mph I was dipping well into the 13s...yuck. It had to still use the gauge though because I had disconnected my wideband input to the ECU a while ago, which was my project today. Logging is fully functional again, tomorrow I'm going to play around with on-board logging. I've also yet to touch my secondary fuel map, so I'll dial in the secondary maps tomorrow and test on-board logging as well. The good part about this....WOT pulls and mohhrrr power! (Well a bit anyways ;-) Temperature should be ideal too, 75-84 through most of the day.

Last weekend next to my buddies turbo teg:
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Tuning the high cam last week:

This was the first time I had done any high cam tuning, but it was needed, as I was beginning to dip into the 10's above 8k so I pulled some fuel and now it only dips into the mid-11s and flattened out the curve a bit. Still running rich so power is still on the table, but unfortunately I didn't have much time on my hands. I enabled on-board logging so every couple of days I can pull some data off the ECU and make changes as needed. The Demon is freakin sweet....
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