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Alpha's DD Project Log UPDATE: Thread back from the dead

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Anti-Theft Circuit Post #23
New audio setup and installation Post#37
New Goodies post#41

LS is OUT! New pics! post#51
Swap complete!! Now a member of the vtec club!
New wheels, exhaust, & plate setup
Fresh wax & new shift knob
Suspension build underway
Wheel wells painted and 95% of car re-assembled!
Suspension review + mini-photoshoot at Ash Lawn!

Welcome to my build thread.

Current setup (Updated Sep. 24, 2012)

Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers 7/5k (392/280lbs)
Benen Tripod
ASR Brace
Function7 LCAs
PWJDM Rear Swaybar endlinks
Type R rear and front sway bars
Skunk2 Rear camber kit
Skunk2 Pro series front camber kit with Hardrace bushings
New Bushings
Mini/Type R big brake upgrade
SS Brake Lines
Centric rotors
Dual Din Boss radio with Carplay
4x 6.5" Sound Ordnance Speakers
4ch Alpine 300W amp
1ch 150W-ish cheap amp
JL Audio 10" Sub
Dynamat Superlight 24sqft
Blox "Limited Series" Neo Chrome 490 shift knob
Optima battery
Custom anti-theft system
2 way communicating alarm system
I also have a shotgun waiting for one - or two - unfortunate enough to attempt to steal my baby 馃槈
JDM 98+ Type R engine
Apexi WS2 catback
JDM Type R cat
Weapon R Intake
P75 ECU with vtec
Moates Demon
Tuned on Neptune
PLX DM-6 Wideband

Future plans?:
Get it back on the road

Here is my old setup:
98" Integra LS
Original B18B1
No A/C
Greddy 18G Turbo w/ Greddy Intercooler
550CC RC Injectors
Innovate Wideband O2
Glowshift boost gauge/oil pres. sensor & exhaust temp sensor
Chipped non-VTEC ECU running Moates Demon
Tuned on eCtune @ 249hp/249wtq
3" Full exhaust (Thermal R&D) w/ custom 3" Downpipe
Stage 4 Clutch
Koni Yellows with Ground Control Coilovers (450F/350R)
Ground Control Top Hats
Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit
Blox Rear Camber Kit
Some aftermarket 6.5" speakers - decent quality, not great though
Everything else has been stollen :p
(Two radio's, two MTX12" subs)

Older Photos:

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From here: CYP sensor issue thread

Take the cap off the dizzy, make sure the rotor is tight and doesn't have any wiggle to it. Then take the dust cap off and then look at the top magnet, make sure its not chipped.
I'll brake it apart tomorrow and see what I got, thanks

I still have my original p75 LS OBDII ECU laying around and I wanted to rule out the possibility that my chipped ECU was the problem. So I popped in the LS ECU and went for a short low RPM drive and watched for codes to start popping up. A few minutes later look what I found:

This is further proof its a sensor issue
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You are living half of my dream, man. I'd love to do a full on Type R swap on a sedan. :) I loved my GSR sedan and the only thing would have made it better was that red valve cover and everything underneath it. ;) Great work! Good luck in working out all the bugs. That is a sweet labor of love you have there!
You are living half of my dream, man. I'd love to do a full on Type R swap on a sedan. :) I loved my GSR sedan and the only thing would have made it better was that red valve cover and everything underneath it. ;) Great work! Good luck in working out all the bugs. That is a sweet labor of love you have there!
Thanks Anthony for the compliments, this engine is amazing. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish the suspension before the East Coast Honda Meet (it might be shown at a booth) If that happens I'll be putting some of your detailing tricks to good use!

For now I'm still waiting on a few parts to arrive.
Last weekend I decided to tackle the custom license plate bracket. I ran to Lowes and found what I needed in the "Hobbies" drawer. After playing around with the pieces this is what I came up with:

After plenty of measuring and fitting (with the bumper off) I had it mounted almost perfectly. It is rock solid stable and won't destroy the paint! Pics of it mounted to come later.
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New goodies in the mail!

Just in case some didn't see the earlier post this system I'm building is to take advantage of Neptune's advanced anti-theft feature. A feature which requires you to input X number of consecutive brake and throttle pumps before starting the car.
why cant hondata have this simple feature!!!!
why cant hondata have this simple feature!!!!
My guess is that while it is a seemingly simple feature, it may be hard to implement. It was planned to be implemented in eCtune and actually made it into the software, but is yet to be completed.

At the moment Neptune has pulled away from eCtune and is now at the head of the curve, from what I've been told development on Hondata has slowed and is loosing ground.
Looking good man! I like the TR swap.
So jelly man, another sedan owner who is anxious to do an ITR swap. Keep it going bro.
Well needed update!

A few weekends ago I had enough of my license plate hack job, (Not bad for zip ties though) and decided to fix my plate mounting situation. So I ran over to Lowe's only knowing I needed some brackets, what kind? No idea...just knew I needed some NOW. Within an unusually short time (It always takes me forever to find what I want in Lowe's) I found a whole bunch of little brackets in the hobbies drawer. Made a very rough guess at what crap I needed and headed home. After plenty of test fitting, drilling, and cutting I came up with this mounting setup on the plate:

Of course one of the most challenging parts to this project was measuring out the 4 mounting points on the bumper. It helped marking the center line on the bumper and plate with blue tape to ensure all was center while I had a helper measure out the mounting points. Overall I am very pleased with how well it turned out, the plate is extremely stable. Still would rather not have it at all....but VA law...well yea. So far its been on for a few weeks, several washes and is still firm.

As seen in the pic above after 6 years I finally dropped some cash down to get some new rims! 16" PF01's wrapped in General Gmax tires 205/45r16

Also, I grabbed an Apexi WS2 exhaust from a local guy in Richmond, and LOVE IT. Very quiet while cruising and a nice sound under mid-WOT. I would recommend this exhaust in a heart beat, cops really give Hondas/Integras a hard time around here, and I doubt they'll give me any issues with the WS2.

And a random pic taken recently at a local car meet:

Still waiting to begin with the new suspension install, I have 97% of the parts I need, and a few other things have caused it to be delayed as well. Hopefully I'll be under way by the end of the month. Was hoping for her to be done for the ECHM, oh well...
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The WS2 is definitely a great exhaust! I got rid of mine when I went turbo. It was too restricting and quiet!
Probably already said it but Clean ass car
The WS2 is definitely a great exhaust! I got rid of mine when I went turbo. It was too restricting and quiet!
Yea, my only complaint is how quiet it is when rev'd, lol. If/when I eventually go turbo again I'll install an electric exhaust cutout on the down pipe, so I can keep the WS2 and have near maximum flow available. Basically i'll have the cutout open up when vtec hits. :icon_twisted: But for an NA ITR this 2.36" exhaust provides plenty of flow, without sacrificing flow velocity.

Probably already said it but Clean ass car
Thanks LightningTeg
On the road yesterday I noticed my trunk light kept blinking on a off. Under further inspection it seems as if my trunk doesn't "lock in" once its closed. In other words, after I close it I can lift it about an inch or so. Hopefully the latch just needs a little shot of WD40...

Edit: The latch screws had backed waaaaay out, tightened em up and bam, fixed. Need to get me some thread locker...I always like easy fixes!
I've been burning some oil, which is very visible during WOT. So today I'm doing a compression and leak down test. Because no one sells a leak down tester locally I built my own:

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Didn't complete the leak down test today but ran the compression and I'm very happy with the numbers:

#1 270psi
#2 270psi
#3 272psi
#4 276psi

I was hoping i'd be able to complete the leak down without removing the valve cover (using the timing marks as my guide) but I kept pushing the cylinder into the bore when I pressurized. Anyone have any tricks? lol I don't believe I've ever done a leak down test on an Intergra come to think of it...
Been having a bad miss-fire under 2500rpms, check out this thread any help would be great!
Very clean teg you got Alpha! Im really diggin your build, simple and super clean! I cant wait to see more pics!
Very clean teg you got Alpha! Im really diggin your build, simple and super clean! I cant wait to see more pics!
Thanks, more updates to come soon as I think I'm going to begin the suspension build next week.

Also, the rotor screw had backed itself out and found itself at home on the CYP sensor magnet. This allowed the rotor to rotate a few degrees on the shaft freely. Quote from thread:

So I took the distributor cap off and HELLO, the rotor screw moved out of its home and proceeded to hang out with the CYP sensor magnet. :rolleyes:

Of course with the screw out the rotor is free to shift 15-25 degrees or so in both directions. Could this cause the miss-fire behavior im having? Perhaps, if the rotor can shift 15-25 degrees it could run out of contact with the cap because it has rotated/advanced 15-25 degrees on the shaft. Take a look at my ignition map below:

The area I have highlighted is the area in the map it miss-fires the MOST, as you can see it is the most retarded area of the map. Something I may not have mentioned earlier is that the car tends to miss-fire less shortly after start-up, as it gets warmer it gets worse. Which makes sense since my ECT map adds timing with lower ECT temperatures.

When I was trouble shooting the CYP I put a "bit" of locktight on the screw, so Im surprised it backed out. I put plenty more locktight on this time, i'm letting it sit overnight, I'll know if it fixed the miss-fire tomorrow. If it does, I think I'm going to buy a whole new distributor, which will hopefully fix the CYP sensor issue as well.
Drove the car today after I re-installed the distributor and it ran smooth as butter.
Ordered a new Distributor from Xenocron tuning, I wanted to go OEM, but I really need the extra couple $100 right now, and I've read some good things about RPM distributors so I went with it:


So far so good, after a run around the block no CYP sensor error! No mil light what-so-ever right now, so I'm pretty stoked that issue is behind my back.
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