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gotta get this stuff out of the garage and out to
folks who can use it. all stuff is 95 gs-r compatible
except pag oil.
you pay shipping, pm me for more details.

a/c leak detector elitech wjl-6000
3 exhaust bolt springs (no bolts just springs)
new crs motors oil pump
used working factory original oil pump
used moroso oil pan
138 g weighted shift knob black metal
assorted prothane bushings (i'll send a pic if youre interested)
underhood fuse box
intake resonator end piece like this one:
8 1156 bulbs
32 oz bottle a/c flush liquid
1 gas cap tests good
4 obd 1 factory injectors tested good
1 front upper control arm bushing holder thingy (no wishbone)
1 80z bottle pag 150 oil

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yes dante has the benefit of many of my free parts so he should know well! 8)
hey teggystylie the system wont let me reply to your pm.
i'm tamboo over at honda-tech so try to pm me there.
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