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i have somethings to get rid of stuff for cash
some joker stole my front bumper, they torn off
bumper and messed up my fender, corner light,
head light and more

im located in ct, my email is [email protected]
if i dont answer your question, have patients
im busy working hard for the money

i have another alarm to sell, i had another
post earlier and my sega dreamcast, that was in
my car, and my s2k antenna kit, with the antenna
email me for detail, on the dreamcast system

LCD FM 2-Way Pager With Clock
the newest model out

it was never installed so its still brand new
comes only with two remote, instruction, batteries,
all wiring
for $ 220 shipped,

Alarm Features:
2500 Ft Range
2 LCD Transmitter Pager with High Tech Back Lit Display.
Remote Engine Start For Auto, but will work on manual
Winshield Mounted Extended Range Antenna
Tachless or Tach/Spark Sense
Dome Light Supervision
Code learning Receiver
Anti-Scan Technology
Remote Keyless Entry
Remote Auxiliary Channel For Trunk Release, Power Window Control, Etc.
User Selectable Silent Arm/Disarm
Remote Sensor Defeat
Dual Stage Electronic Shock Sensor (Plug-In)
Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
Defective Zone Bypass With Warning
Remote Panic
Starter-Disable Protection (Relay Included inside alarm brain)
on-Board Flashing Parking Lights Relay
Plug-In LED Status Indicator
Plug-In Protected Valet/Override Switch
6-Tone, High Power Siren
Programmable Passive/Active Arming
Programmable Door Lock With Passive Arming
Stop & Go Mode (Leave Vehicle Running without Key)
Instantly alert should your parked vehicle be violated.
Monitors doors open/closed status, hood and trunk
open/closed status, and hard impacts to your vehicle
Advises whether the vehicle's engine has been started.
Out of Range indication.
Low battery reminder.
FM technology
Programmable Autolock/Unlock Through Vehicle's Ignition
Programmable Door Lock Pulse Time (1 or 3 Sec.)
Programmable Double Pulse Unlock (Nissan, VW)
Programmable Cold Start Mode 1 or 2 hours
Programmable 15 or 25 minute Remote Start Runtime
Programmable Door Lock with Remote Start

my sega dreamcast system: great for the house or modded
into your car, email me for more detail
console, all wiring
2 controller, with extensions
1 light gun
5 memory cards, 3 vmu, 1 eb, 1 nyko 4x mem with rumble
205+ games, in two cd cases
valued over $550, could be yours for less, make an offer
i dont have an lcd screen, sold it to my friend

the s2k antenna mod $25 shipped
with antenna, and kit, made for 3rd gen integra

any question feel free to ask

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the s2k atenna is sold

the dreamcast is in processing, current offer is $350

the alarm is still for grabs, remember the same alarm
sold only with one remote, i offer it with two remotes,
the alarm itself goes for $200, $60-$80 for a second

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hey just a quick question, but where do you get the kit to mount the S2K antenna? i have the antenna but cant mount it yet. is there a web address i can go to to purchase that mounting kit? thanks

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im sorry you guys, its been at least 2 and a half months ago, every is gone

jspd, i bought from a guy on this board , i forgot his name, but you can make your own, the mount is the factory piece thats on the quarter panel, the info is on the board somewhere, please search and you will find it
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