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Alarm Aux1

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I am thinking of tapping into my power window wires with Aux1/Aux2 on my CompuStar alarm to roll the window up/down using the remote. Is it possible to do without buying additional parts? I believe aux1 outputs (-) of 250mA. Thanks.
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im pretty sure you need an extra module or relay
yup extra module, i think it cost 55 bucks for the module, but for each module you can use two windows, my cousin had it done on his car, pretty cool feature, but expensive to install.
yea i was quoted like 160 for it. It would be sick though cuz you can have options on wht you want the windows to do.
1st beep, rolls down 2-3 inches
2nd beep, rolls down all the way
3rd beep, rolls up.

Stuff like that so you can choose if you just want them cracked while you run in a store or whaterver.
What module? What is it? Why can't I hook it up to aux1 directly? Thanks for your prompt reply.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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