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1. Clock on remote
2. Personal alarm clock on remote
3. Programmable remote start time. Example: You can set it to start
at 6:30 AM. 4. User functions selectable via remote.
5. Remote lock out. Stops possible tampering with settings or remote
6. 3 different settings for the cold start feature.
7. Auto re-arm. Automatically re-arms after disarming if no entry
points are opened within 15 seconds.
8. Quick Stop feature can be set for as little as 3 minutes for turbo
timer application
9. 5 selectable siren patterns. Including silent option.
10.Vehicle finding feature (NOT PANIC)
11. Coded Valet switches. User may change code.
12. Selectable siren duration for 2nd stage of shock sensor and may be set to OFF. Example: 1st stage is 5 seconds for warn away. 2nd stage is selectable 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds or may be set to OFF.
13. Aux input for other programmable remote start timers.

is this to good to be true? does anyone have this and should i get it?

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Looking to protect your car? not a very good piece, go with a reputable brand installed professionally

Want a boat load of "gadgets"? this may be the holy grail

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JUst out of curiousity Z why doesn't it protect very well? It seems like it has a lot of the same features my bro's alarm has (some top of the line Viper DEI remote start and alarm)...but just curious why you say that because my girlfriend just bought that for me for graduation (it gets here in about a week tops...) and I don't want it not to protect my car. I have about $3000 worth of just *upgraded* parts for the internals on my motor a VERY EXPENSIVE turbo kit (well over $5k full custom built kit by maxrev) that will be on my car (as soon as people stop Bull sh*tting me about buying my old kit...sorry
) but yah give me a heads up because I want all that protected and I thought that if this alarm actually let me know when somebody is breaking in instead of just making some noise than I would have a chance to try and save it if I'm in a store or something... Thanks for any info ahead of time...


Sean C.
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