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Hi all,
A few weeks ago i posted a new/old member intro containing pics of my current project my DC2 Integra, which is a car that i enjoy more than any ive ever had up until this point. Most RWD people don't get it but ever since my little bro brought his over one day to show me the car and help him work on something i havent really wanted anything else, and secretly i never told him that id always been looking at these cars and was very surprised when one day he arrived at my place with a 94 RHD Integra VTI-R with a Type R engine conversion.

Fast Forward about 6 years later after much looking i found this one a 99 VTI-R similar to the USDM GS-R in many ways (Same engine/trans with different engine code B18C2)

It wasnt in bad condition, so while i brought over the parts i had collected for it i pulled the engine down in bay and did the usual stuff..fixing gasket leaks and cleaning it up ect.

The car was a pretty good runner but the dizzy starting making noises so i rebuilt it, using an aftermarket coil (NGK) and a new igniter from a company called Tridon.

A little way down the track the engine developed a top end i pulled the head and ported/shaved it, added a new gasket and reassembled it with a new timing belt/water pump and a new set of coil overs from Tein Japan. I had a bunch of pics of everything but sadly they were on my phone which died so anyways head back together..zoom zoom she was back in action again!


And out for a cruise with the old Honda Blades
edited teggy.jpg

A few months later i came across a good deal on an OEM ITR rear i bought it and pulled off my rear bar to repair a small crack it had and ended up finding a dent in the crash bar underneath so i repaired those with the help of some locals.

Whew! new wing..yes its white but it was geniune JDM and came that way from japan so i liked it and just stuck it on and dropped the suspension height and this is what she looked like..starting to look bit better but a little like a coke can, so i dubbed it the coca-cola Integra for a while 馃ぃ

I drove it around that way for awhile, collecting more stuff for the car but I wanted to go faster now so i decided to add a 125HP NOS sniper kit (which i wont show for legal reasons) i then needed a better way to tune it. The car was now running AUDM Type R headers and exhaust which were pretty old and cruddy but better than the standard GSR stuff i had, a Hondata S300V3 which i special ordered from SSR racing in the states and brought back by an acquaintance, and a ported and shaved head to bump compression up a little bit, also a Type R LSD and final drive.


The car was quite fast now so i needed better rubber and i was over the GSR blade look, (a decision i regret now) so i sold those off and installed some 16x7.5 +38 LSA wheels i found from a guy selling them off his circuit race car for a good deal.
IMG_20190601_022039_460 (Custom).jpg


She was starting to look pretty sweet and going well, pretty much undefeated..until disaster struck during a run against a dude in a boosted 350Z when it began misfiring and spitting coolant. I took it home and she had popped the headgasket again sadly.

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She sat like that for awhile until i moved to a new location

A little while later i got the itch to spanner on it again and this time i wanted to make a change in direction so i sourced a spare engine planing to go Turbo this time and put the happy juice away..nobody likes the N2O happy juice treatment for some reason ahh well time to go turbo.

I started ripping into the car when covid19 struck and halted my with things hard to source..long wait times ect i had a rethink and decided i would again resurrect the original engine i had in the car as its a good engine. So i began collecting parts to get it running with a mild turbo setup while i waited on better stuff for the big engine build using the spare complete engine i had.
During this time i approached a few company's and maXpeedingRODS reached out to me and donated me a turbo for the build. I decided to go with the GT30 street version they manufacture, and a 1320 AC/PS friendly exhaust manifold with a custom built 3" downpipe into 2.5 cat into resonator and out into 3.5" exit system, work resumed.


If you've never seen under the bonnet of a RHD GSR, heres a pic. This engine retains its AC/PS unit for now, if the AC proves difficult i will most probably remove it.

New Turbo Setup & Exhaust setup

Pic of the silencer because weld porn..( will insert down pipe later when i find the image for it )

Okay so! i have more pics of parts ect ect ect but instead of posting a bunch of engine parts i will just show you the progress of the engine as i put it together later.
The engine build for this motor is as follows:
B18C2 81mm Bore
ARP head studs
Cometic MLS head gasket
Nippon turbo pistons
OEM rods with ARP rod bolt kit (or if the brand allows) maXpeedingRODS B18C series forged H beam conrods with ARP 2000 rod bolts.
VMS block guard
Stock Head (serviced with new cometic valve seals + Skunk2 LMA's)
Skunk2 Pro intake
Stock TB
Stock fuel rail
1000cc Huntertuned injectors
Raceworks 501 fuel pump
Moroso oil pan
maXpeedingRODS GT30 journal bearing turbo
1320 ramhorn AC friendly
VS racing 44mm WG

Omg!..they killed Kenny..yes that's actually been stuck in the glovebox since before i owned it, don't worry coca-cola will be back! 馃槀

Soo..thats it for now! im currently waiting on a few things but i will update as i go. If anyone is interested i will post a review (if allowed) on the turbo im using pictured above. it's a good budget pad thai pounder 馃榿


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Excellent car and you are working towards exactly what i am. The only difference is the pics of mine arent worth sharing because my teg looks battered. Goodluck with your build and drop a post on how the maxpeedingrods turbo works out. I wanna go that route but im not sure about that company. I still have to get another engine before all that and a good b18c1 here in the states is upwards of $3k. With my budget its gonna have to be a LSVtec b20 or maybe a b18b. I really dont wanna go k swap because everybody in my area is k swapping and i love the B series sound. Not to mention some of the record breaking honda cars in drag racing are still running 1200+ hp B series. One was a AWD civic hatch with a 1300hp B18C1. Something about the B18 stands out.
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