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Just to avoid being stranded and/or having to trouble shoot issues, I would like to know what are the preventive maintenance to do this 3rd gen - 1999 LS Auto with under 150k miles on it.

Why: It seems like my Main Relay has been slowly failing. Its been a while since I heard the Fuel Priming sound. Recently the car was taken to a shop and he didn't recognize it either even though he was doing a smoke leak detection. It took me a while to figure that it was the Main Relay.
3rd gen, unlike 1st gen, everything fails simultaneously, at least for me! eg. recently all EVAP related sensors had to be changed.

So if I were to get ahead of this potential failures down the road, I wish to know what relays, sensors ....etc to be changed? Thanks guys.

Alternatively, should I not keep the car? Everything is stock and clean!
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