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Long story short I took a job in Afghanistan. It pays pretty well and I'm definitely not going to be working on the car again. But it has some great stuff on it. Just looking through forums and pricing up the pieces and parts it would fetch $10,000 to $12,000 if I pieced just the parts I have listed out.

I'm asking $6,000 obo. That gets you the whole car and all the parts listed below. And if your not ridiculously far away from me I might even be able to get it on a trailer and get it to your house for you.

Ignore the prices next to all the items, when I made the list I checked the forums and for sales and this was the going price for those items. So think of this as a "Hey, I could sell this piece for that much."

Here is a list of things I made of some of the stuff on the car and what I was going to ask if I parted it out.

I'm going to list this on and Honda-tech, but I wanted to give the Washington crew first crack

This was primarily a show car, so I didn't spare expenses when it came to fit and aesthetics. I also would drive it occasionally in good weather just to show off.

Here are some of the highlights of the car. If you want a part or piece that isn't on this list, just ask me.

1. 95 OBD1 GS-R Long Block Engine - $950 - Probably about 90,000 miles on the engine. Has a JDM ITR red valve cover, a JUN Chromoly Lightweight Flywheel (10 pounds 2.26 ounces), an ACT 6 puck sprung hub clutch, and a Spoon Magnetic oil drain plug so I could say I had something in my engine that was made by Spoon. Never seen boost and driven pretty mildly as I'm afraid of getting pulled over.

2. Brand new in box Clutchmaster Stage 3 Clutch kit - $400 - Brand spanky new.

3. OEM USDM Integra Type R transmission - $1,000 - Nice tight gear ratios and an OEM limited slip differential. Has a Spoon Magnetic drain plug as well.

4. Turbo Kit - $2,000 - Originally a Rev Hard, but has gone through a lot of changes in the name of reliability. I'll start at the intake and work my way back. It DOES NOT have any silicon hose couplings or clamps for the intake piping, although I can give you a list of what you need and some great places to buy them.
3a. Custom 2.5" GS-R piping by SPoolinPerformance. Piping was then powdercoated candy red, has a TIAL blow off valve connection on it from the BOV below. Brand new, never been installed.
3b. Rev Hard Intercooler 28x6.5x3
3c. TIAL BV 50mm Blow Off Valve - Red Brand new, never been installed.
3d. RC Engineering 440cc Injectors
3e. BLOX Racing Exhaust Manifold - Ceramic Coated in matte black. Has a Pyrometer sensor fitting on the #3 runner. Brand new, never been installed.
3f. Rev Hard T3/T04E Hybrid Turbo - Hot side ceramic coated in matte black.
3g. Turbosmart 7 PSI wastegate in silver
3h. Custom downpipe by SPoolinPerformance. He also built me an elbow to come off the manifold to the wastegate. The waste then has a pipe that goes to a turbo bypass and back into the downpipe. Then you don't have hot exhaust gases being put back into your engine bay and you won't have the extra noise that an unmuffled exhaust hole (the wastegate) would bring. Downpipe has two O2 bungs, one in the stock location and one extra for a Wide Band O2 sensor. All of this has been ceramic coated matte black. Brand new, never been installed.
3i. Walbro 255lph HP In Tank Fuel Pump - None of this having fuel lines break in the engine bay and catching fire stuff. In the tank it goes. Like new, has never been turned on, but it has been installed.
3j. OEM USDM OBD1 P72 ECU - Has a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket for the fuel map chip. Has the plug and cable for datalogging to your laptop. Fuel map was done by the same guy that put the ZIF socket into the ECU and the map is supposed to be a safe reliable map that I could use to get the car to the tuner. HAS NOT BEEN TUNED ON A DYNO YET! This map would safely get you to a tuner so he could get you the correct tune for your car.

5. Wide Band O2 sensor made by Lambda Boy - $200 - This O2 sensor has never been used and subsequently has never been out of it's bag. It comes with a nice controller/display unit that you can hook up to your ECU to feed the info into your datalogging laptop. I'd definitely suggest this for you if you are considering the turbo kit above. It'll help you and your tuner to get the absolute best possible tune for your car. If you hook it into your datalogging computer, it'll also allow you to make a great partial throttle (daily driving) tune for safety and reliability.

6. GReddy 10 Row Oil Cooler - $200 - Got this in preparation for the turbo, but the turbo never happened. When I got it, the instructions were all in Japanese, so I had to take it to a shop to have it installed. Would work wonderfully with a turbo as this would definitely cool down the oil that the turbo just got done heating up.

7. OEM Optional Sides and Rears painted Milano Red - Sides $600, rears $250, rear bumper $50 - Original owner. Have a grand total of 0 miles on them. They were been put on the car and then never driven. The paint is therefore brand spanking new. Not a chip in sight. Comes with all the clips for the sides and mounting hardware for the rears. Also available is the 98+ rear bumper that the rears are currently mounted to, also brand new fresh Milano Red paint.

8. JDM Black/Red Stitching ITR Recaros - $1,000 - In 8/10 shape, some bolster wear but no rips, tears, stains or threads-borked. They squeeze you in your seat so much that there is no sliding around while racing. And they look oh-so-delicious in an Integra.

9. JDM Black/Red-Stitching ITR Rear Seats for a 94-97 - $350 - 9/10 shape, some fading on the tops of the backs. Why is this special? Well if you've taken out your rear seats before, the 98-01 Integras have a bracket that looks like an 'L' but those of us that have 94-97 Integras have to deal with a bracket that looks like a 'Z'. You can put 98-01 seats into your 94-97 integra, but because of that bracket they won't fit right, the front of the butt part of the seat will stick up about 1". I couldn't handle that so I scoured the net until I found a set of JDM rear seats from a 96-97 JDM ITR that fit correctly. This will also fit a 98+ Integra and won't have any fit issues.

10. Single Row All Aluminum Radiator from Radiator Barn- $200 - Do you know how hard I had to look to find an all aluminum radiator that WASN'T two row? This has never been ran. Comes with a high performance radiator cap that came with the radiator (as a nice surprise, I might add).

11. FAL Dual Slim Line Fans Red - $200 - I've modified them a little to fit the radiator above. The modification is not visible when installed and does not affect the durability or the performance of these fans at all. Makes a great match for the radiator above.

12. JDM 5 lug Suspension with ITR rear lower control arms and 36mm JDM OEM axels - $900 - I have had the springs powder coated candy red like the turbo kit's intake piping. The hats on the (brand new Brembo Blanks) brake rotors have also been powder coated candy red. Also comes with brand new never installed (although I'll install them if you'd like) OEM Honda brake pads. I can also provide the e-brake cables if you need it (only required for switching from rear drum to disc like on a Civic, not required if your installing on an Integra).

13. JDM ITR Wheels with OEM tires - $850 - These used to be white, but I bought new gunmetal centercaps and had them powdercoated OEM gunmetal. They have the JDM OEM ITR Bridgestone RE010's on them. They have so little miles that there are still some of the little nubs on the tires. That and you can tell people your so JDM that even your tires are JDM.

14. OEM Honda EDM (European Domestic Market) ITR front and rear 'H' emblems and two rear 'Honda' emblems - Front 'H' $40, Rear 'H' $40, Rear 'Honda' $25 - Why did I go through the trouble of tracking down some EDM emblems when I could have just gotten JDM ones? I went to a car show once where there were about a dozen Integras there. Of all those, only two had USDM front ends, so I decided to stick with the USDM 98 front end. Because of that, the JDM front ITR 'H' emblem wouldn't fit right, there would be a gap between the car and the emblem because of the difference in the way the two front ends are shaped. I couldn't have that on my car. I tracked down the EDM emblems because the EDM ITR came with the same front end as the USDM ITR. Problem solved, albeit with a few more bucks to buy them and a whole lot more time to try to find someone to buy them for me and send them to me.

15. Skunk2 Short Throw Shifter and Shift Knob - $125 - Good shape, have maybe 10 miles on them.

16. Audiobahn Stereo System with custom box - $350 - Two 12" flame basket Audiobahn subwoofers driven by a Audiobahn amplifier supported by an Audiobahn 1 Farad capacitor. The box is MDF covered in pleather. Fits into the trunk of my integra and looks absolutely great. I've had more pictures taken of my trunk at car shows than any other part of the car. This system hit 144 decibels in my Integra. I have the subs mounted upside down to show off the flame basket. They sit high enough that a rear strut bar is impossible. If this is a deal breaker to you, you can put the subs in right side up and they would still work just fine. That way you can have your strut bar as well, although you won't show off as much pretty chrome.

17. Underbody and Interior LED Kit - Underbody kit $850, Interior 'ZEN' kit $1,000 - I don't want to hear about how ricey this is and how awful it must look and blah blah blah.
Yes, it really can do all those things it shows in the video. These are EXPENSIVE and mostly sold in Europe. In fact, when I bought it they refused to sell to USA (they now have 1 authorized distributor in the USA, I found the owner of a company in UK that agreed to sell me a kit and ship it to me. I also have I five 1' tubes, two 2' tubes, 4 spot LEDs, 2 small waterproof 'Gems' and a ZEN computer for the interior (the zen computer can run individually or will run off signals from the underbody UFO kit, so they match colors). Because of the price and the limited availabilty, I'm going to bet there is fewer than 1,000 kits in the USA.
If you showed your car at Hot Import Nights with this kit installed on your Integra, I can almost guarantee you would be the only car there with this.

18. OEM ITR Door Panels with Tweeters - $125 - In good shape. The fabric part of the door panel is Alcantara fabric to match the ITR seats.

19. OEM 22mm ITR Rear Sway Bar with Beaks Subframe Reinforcement Kit - $120 - Complete with bushings. You'll be shocked at how much bigger than stock these bars are. Works great to keep the rear from rolling around.

20. Neuspeed Rear Tie Bar Polished - $75 - Looks good and ties the rear together to improve handling.

21. Skunk2 Catback Exhaust with Silencer, also has Generic High Flow Cat (optional) - $325 - What can I say, it's exhaust that works well. The shop that put the cat on wanted to cut the flange off the exhaust and weld the cat right to the exhaust but I stopped them. So it has original flanges all the way to the front. If you want the cat then keep it on there, if you don't want it then unbolt it.

22. NIB AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator silver - $100 - Still in the plastic wrap. I was going to use it to allow for one more thing my tuner could use to tune the vehicle to be as reliable and as powerful as he could.

23. BNIB Electric Autometer Phantom 1 Gauges - 2000 Degree Pyrometer - $100, 30VAC <-> 15 psi Boost Gauge (more on this later) - $140, 0-100 psi Oil Presure - $50. The boost gauge. I knew I wasn't going to go CRAZY with the boost, so I didn't want a gauge that went to 30 PSI on the boost side. If I did, then my gauge wouldn't look so scary when it barely moves the needle. This gauge goes to a max of 15 psi so the needle would about half way up the gauge. "But Rosebudteg, an ELECTRIC boost gauge?" Yeah, I didn't want to mess with putting vacuum lines into the cabin so I went all electric. I also went electric on the oil pressure gauge because how fun is it to have a oil line with nice hot, flammable oil going INTO the cabin of your car. No thank you, electric for me. Also meets racing standards as I don't beleive mechanical gauges are allowed in racing anymore.

24. OEM 98+ Front End painted Milano Red - $500- Great condition. Milano Red paint job has 10 miles on it, literally. Headlights are in great condition and corner lights are brand spanky new. Headlights have expensive CATZ halogen bulbs.

25. Comptech Urethane ITR Front Lip painted Milano Red - $200 - Never even been on the car. Has all the mounting stuff that came with the lip including the Comptech sticker. The paint is brand new as it was painted at the same time as the front bumper.

26. ITR rear wing from painted Milano Red - $100 - Has a scratch and gouge on the top. Freaking garage door hit it on the way down. If it hadn't been for that, it would be absolutely perfect as it has maybe 10 miles on it.

27. 98+ All Red Tail Lights - $120- Good condition all red tails from a 98+ Integra.

Click the following link for the Picasa photo album of the car. If you need specific pictures that I don't have of something then let me know and I'll take some.

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Just fixed the link. But also just sold the car tonight.

Thanks for looking everyone. I miss the Integra already and it's only been gone for 39 minutes. But it served it's purpose which was to both teach my wife and I about cars and to bring a newlywed couple together for their first project. Now we have our next big project which is our children.

I'll be around. I love answering questions about the Integra and every once in awhile I still get honored with a stray question from a user.

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Good luck in afghanistan, and beware of MAN-L*ve Thursdays... and dont forget to duck!!!

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Any chance you still have this...? I live in Tacoma now. Lol
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