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Hi all,

For sale is a block pulled from a high 11sec 1996 Turbo Integra GS-R.

This was my baby and we had a lot of fun together, but now it time to clear out the garage. Block has a damaged rod that needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it looks to be in good shape, but will need some TLC.

This car had over $20K put into it in parts and labor and was running high 11s quarter mile times at the track. It was dyno tuned and was putting down 345 hp and 275 lbs torque at the wheels on pump gas at 15 PSI. However, when fueled with C16 race gas at 25 PSI it was putting down 444 hp and 507 lbs torque at the wheels (dyno pics available).

Here is what you're getting:
  • 2.0L B18C1 overbored and steel sleeved block (overbored from 1.8L)
  • Eagle rods x 4 (at least one needs to be replaced)
  • JE low compression pistons (9.0:1) x 4
Asking price: $1,800.00 + $200 shipping (or free local pickup in Chicago area)

IMPORTANT: Again, please keep in mind that you will need to take the block apart to replace the bad rod and do any other necessary repairs (otherwise the price would be a lot higher).

Please contact me with ANY questions.





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