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The lines that connect from the 98-01 abs module to the 98-01 brake master cylinder are larger & have different size threads than the earlier models. So no. Unless you were to change out the whole brake master cylinder and all the joining hard lines with an abs module from the same car, you physically could not connect the hydraulic lines to the master cylinder from the abs module.

As for the electronics, you'd have to reference wiring diagrams for both model years in the factory service manuals to see if the pinout is the same at both connectors. (I've never checked the abs wiring diagrams personally.)

With that being said, if you are concerned about saving space & or weight, they sell year specific kits online to delete the abs with hard & soft braided lines that loop back into the master cylinder. And they have no impact on brake feel or performance. Other than being non-abs. (I have been looking into this mod as my abs is non-functional & just taking up space and weight)

But if you need abs, and are set on doing this conversion, do the research, make the modifications, and share the details with us.

Good luck.
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