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HkWR on Aug/03/02 said:
Does anyone have the abs system? CAn someone tell me how to read the codes? It blinks slow then fast. Can someone explain to me?
Hey man here is how you read the codes for the ABS.

once the service connector is jumped:

1. Turn key to full power and ABS light will come on for 2 sec(i think).

2. Light goes off then 2 sec later light will begin to blink.
A) The first series of blinks are the main code. They stop...
B) 1 sec. later the light will begin to blink again, this is the sub code(if it does not blink there is no sub code)They stop...
C) There is a 5 second pause and then the next code(if it exists) will start and follow steps A-B for that code.

If there is only one code it will repeat 3 times. The CPU will store up to 3 codes. If the system has more than 3 codes only the last 3 codes obtained are registered. Meaning that the system will throw away the 1st code is 4 codes are thrown, giving you codes 2,3,4.

Hope this helps

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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