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For a few months now my 1999 has been bragging about having Abs.
It started showing up and going away randomly, lately its on all the time now so I decided to scan for codes.
(I still catch it going away sometimes. It will be on when I start, drive somewhere, turn car off, come back out of store start up and its off)

I got the following winning numbers
  • 16 Wheel Sensor Rear R
  • 17 Wheel Sensor Rear L
  • 32 Solenoid Front Right Out
  • 44 Wheel Lock Rear L
  • 71 Different Diameter Tire
  • 81 Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Are some related and causing others to show?
I plan on taking the rear off tomorrow to see if they need cleaning, but aside from that is there anything else I should check out?

I'm not sure what 71 is about all tires are the same. I did have a flat awhile and did put on a doughnut for a day. Could that be the reason and it hasn't been cleared out?
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