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I just wanted to say whats up to all you guys who have supported me and give you a little hint of what i have in store for this year. For those of you who arent familier with my setup, check out this post. HERE

Well all that power created some problems, the turbo was past efficenty, the pistons rings gave out, and i rebuilt the engine this year.

Here are the current specs and upgrades for this year.

85mm bore + je pistons

upgrade from eagle to pauter rods

upgrade from oem to acl coated bearings

upgrade from gt3540s to a gt35R dual ball bearing

oil cooler

full tein flex suspension with EDFC

6 point roll cage

rebuilt, re port and polihed head

new carpet

new sparco milano's

new sparco 5-points

im Mainly interested in the new turbo. It should flow much better than the old one with a very small gain in lag, granted it was much more expensive. My injecotrs are good
up to about 575 whp, however the turbo has been known to push up to 720whp.

So i guess we are aiming for about 550-570whp this year, which, i dont think is going to get me into the 10's like i wanted preveously, but i can always change injectors (which means i have to change hondata to aem ems to control 1000cc's good).

Im am looking to have a great year this year with the car and winning some events.

Right now im going to put a mid to late march ETA on the first dyno run. Ill be posting.

Thanks for all your support guys.



Bought these today

Integra type r flex with the eyehole for tyre r rear lca's

and these

Type r LCA's

and of course the edfc

and to top it off

The bushings


only thing left to do is the sway bars

ill have some pics of the new turbo and new wastegate up next week as well as engine

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Hey I have a FJO injector driver for sale to control those 1000cc-1600cc injectors....

Check it out here.

The AEM EMS has a hard time too with the OEM distributor at upper rpm's too. I would recommend something else besides the AEM..... You can use the stock ECU and run software driven maps too....

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Glad you were able to get Angel's GT35R. He told me all about it. Now that we know what you're shooting for, I think you'll be rather pleased with it more than the last turbo. Had there been a larger turbine in the original turbo with an "unmodified" housing, you could have squeezed, a little more.

Good luck.. I'm rootin' for ya.

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lol^^^ guilty

Thumpin, I think that i am going to have my shop make a custom one for me. It is expensive, however i can have them make it custom spec so that i can retain my back seat ( i dont want the lecture about how it is not safe guys).

All of the bolt in roll cages are now null and void. As of last year NHRA rule book says all roll cages must be 6 point WELDED for 11.49 and faster.

If you are not going to race though i would look into either a cusco or an autopower. Maybe even just a harness bar??? I dont know what kind of times you are running this year and what kind of driving you mostly do so i cant say.
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