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hey guys... ive got a couple of parts i want to get rid of:

1st off i have a drivers side amber lens i bought it from a guy with a 2000 integra as a set but the right one ended up comming cracked... so i'm selling the left one i have It's in MINT condition really really clean and perfect condition make me an offer!

I've also got a climate control without the vents, just like the little part, this one is in really nice looking shape, but the temperature regulator thingy is a little bit stiff when you try to change the temperature, it clips in when its on extremely hott or cold, i think thats normal but im just throwing that in there. But other then that it works fine! shoot me offers..

I've also got an old body kit of mine off of my old front end that i don't want any more it came off of a 1996 integra its the extreme body kit but its a little bit different. Painted black with really good paint, no cracks at all, only on the side the bumper is chipped a little but other then that its in really good shape.

ive got more parts to sell but for now, make me offers!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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