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For Sale:

ATS / Carbonetic Carbon Clutch-style 1.5-way LSD set: $750
-Includes LSD, final drive bolts (ATS specific), and VSS (ATS specific)

More information from the website:
Carbonetic Website said:
-Twice the Locking Strength of a Metal LSDs
-10x the Acceleration Control of a Metal LSDs
-30x the Thermal Decomposition Resistance of Metal LSDs
-70x the Service Life of Metal LSDs
-Virtually Silent Performance
Stern Aguzze wheels: $500
Specs: 15x7 +43
Finish: Silver, currently plasti-dipped

4.9 Final Drive set: $350

Vented / Powder Coated Valve Cover: $125

FastLine Performance Shifter: SOLD

Used ITR Rear LCA's
1.) Matching set w/133k - $45

*Left two

2.) Like new Rear LCA. Stripped then retapped. 0 miles. $40

New ITR studs, set of 10x: $20

Rear sway suspension bits: $5

Not Pictured:
-Used Competition Clutch, $50 (9k)
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